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...bare naked Wealth #3: for speculators

WBF Monk

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...bare naked Wealth #3: for speculators


Crypto Crocodiles: Only the brave survive!


This report contains 20 pages of analysis and forecasts of

and for crypto-currencies, and other software tokens.



A compendium of crypto currencies that have

reached the level of visibility in our process.



This report is for speculators only. In purchasing this report you agree that

this is background analysis and opinion and not financial advice.



There are no warrantees nor refunds offered on this information. As with all our work, diligence

was taken to provide a very tightly focused discussion of the data gathered by our process. The 'thin-ness'

of the data for crypto-currencies necessarily means that any errors may be disproportionately large.

Recent successful forecasts for Bitcoin and ETH aside, this information is not guaranteed to be

any thing other than a guess as to future directions of the development of these software tokens and platforms.



This report is delivered as a PDF file. This report is in the newer, more readable

format. This format is an evolving design effort to facilitate easier

machine translation of this material for a global audience.

The price for this report is set at $99.00 US.


Pdf written text only:


To purchase access to the ALTA report in PDF format : with Bitcoin directly, send

Cryptocoin at the rate of $99 equivalent at the time of purchase to the address below and

then send us an email to clif at (halfpasthuman.com) our domain to receive the access

codes via return email (sorry for the in-built delays in this process).

Bitcoin: BTC




Ethereum: ETH





Litecoin: LTC









Link to the report:


...bare naked Wealth #3: July 2017



To purchase the ALTA Report ->

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What a moronic title for a report. Cliff's true (ugly) colors shining through.


Such a statement shows your obvious ignorance around these parts, friend.

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Quite obvious inflection, to me. Crypto gater gonna getcha....


Means look out for bad coins that will take your money, and the 'corrections' in even the 'good' coins....


Mr Unregistered


What did Clif do to you, I might inquire...

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Guest Unregistered
Such a statement shows your obvious ignorance around these parts, friend.


Making a buck on the expense of other people's lives and hard labor? That's only brave if you're not a crook or a conman, pal.

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So, it appears our "unregistered guest" has a resentment problem with people who actually make a living for themselves. OK. More than a few people of that persuasion running about. No sympathy here.


Any way to block this troll?

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I read it in the paper....


saw it on the news, for that matter.....


actually didn't realize we were standing out here bare naked...

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