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May 2017 ALTA : ..Seven Seas!

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May 2017 ALTA : ..Seven Seas!







Note this is a PDF (written) ALTA report in the original format.

The range of this report is from May 2017 through to 2045.

This report is in the newer, more readable format.

Pricing is a small $15 (US dollars).







Pdf written text only:









To purchase the ALTA Report ->





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Meta data

Sun Disease


Since the beginning of these data mining efforts in 1997, the data has consistently held new growth

coming in to a set labeled as 'sun disease'. Initially the interpretation was that the 'sun' would become

diseased to the point that it would affect life here in the solar system. Over the years, the data

supporting the 'sun disease' sets filled out presenting a view of 'humans' being 'afflicted' with a 'mental

disease' due to the 'sun disease'.


The descriptors for the symptoms of the sun disease as it affects humans have grown. These include

'standing, drooling' as though 'dumbstruck'. There are also descriptions of larger, aggregated effects

including what is described as a 'jittery-ness', and an 'uptick (in) anxiety', 'frantic', 'frenetic', and other

language pointing out 'humans on the edge'. The whole of the 'humans driven mad (or at least irritated)'

by 'solar disease' sets have had near continuous growth in past years. These data sets are describing a

new (as far as we now know) phenomenon that has been trying to express as 'sun disease effects on



The new data for this processing has forecasts that this Spring is the point of 'activities' relative to the

'sun disease'. As part of the 'sun disease' forecasts over these past years, we have had specifics referring

to some humans who will react with what are described as 'feelings and emotions' that push toward'

megalomania'. The idea coming from the detail layers of these sets paint a picture of a sub set of

humanity who will find the 'impacts' of the 'sun disease' to be 'personally exhilarating', while the

majority is driven to 'distraction' by 'internal body process reactions'. It is this latter effect that is

driving the current feelings of an 'onrush to war'. See the SpaceGoatFarts entity for more discussion on

the sun disease sets and their effect on humanity.


Note that the 'sun disease' is NOT referencing any language around either 'ascension', or 'density

change'. The language for the 'sun disease' sets in no way is suggesting that any living human will be

made into a 'god', even though the language explicitly forecasts a few people feeling as though that

were happening, and expressing the thought too freely.

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I'm glad that Clif is taking the time to point this out, because we will all be required to gain greater objectivity about our subjectivity as these trends increase.


Plus, he mentioned the "psychic expansion drug" that is out there, making its way into the collective consciousness from the margins.


Add those two things in with the unknown epigenetic effects of new light/new frequencies and the effect they have on our DNA expression day to day (much less generation to generation), and we have fertile grounds for a truly psychedelic adjustment in the collective consciousness.


Who needs drugs when we are all being "re-tuned" by the changing frequencies of the new realm we have entered in space?


I believe everybody embodied at this pivotal time is going to witness what in a more innocent time would have been called "miracles".

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I think alot of people don't understand spirituality or what is going on by we are raising our vibration.


In all honesty the webbot timing seems to match up with astrological influences pretty well. See most people that see there daily horoscope don't understand how it works... So seeing how something affects something may need more research... risings your "awareness" is just a fancy way of go educate yourself and think on... Find new perspectives and ways of trying look at data and find some what a consistent predictable flow.


I can say that I think these 7 year cycles normally seem closely tided to placements in an astro chart...



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I can say that I think these 7 year cycles normally seem closely tided to placements in an astro chart...




Yes, the quarter points of Saturn's 28-year orbit cycle.

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Yes, the quarter points of Saturn's 28-year orbit cycle.


Yes, this the truth. Normally 0 degrees, 25 degrees, 50 degrees, 75 degrees, and 100 degrees are what I describe as hard angels. Same with the cycles of the moon and drama or settling out that takes place over this time. This also must be the year of the Saturn return fro world markets as it always seems to happen in Sagittarius. If I am correct it match up to the web bot nicely... I am extremely shocked how much of this is out there on the internet and people just don't talk about it.


I believe things will shortly start going down hill matching up to the Mercury retrogrades. The final retrograde of the year will be Mercury in Sagittarius directly over Saturn.


The next retrograde in Virgo is when the accounting or numbers should start showing up...


In the united states chart Sagittarius is actually the Risings so having visible issues and frustration as Saturn never seems to like Sagittarius so it is obvious that there is correlation here... Saturn is also debilitated in Capricorn which has been the after math of the depressions or recessions. If someone simply goes 30 years back this has always happened.


To be honest I have been stacking fro some time more then every in the last 6 months. I just hope I am right but also in a way home I am wrong... although I doubt it.



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About two weeks ago we had a really bad storm (among many recently) in the afternoon that cleared up really quickly. The sun came out while it was still raining kind of hard and a rainbow formed. Not a big deal EXCEPT the end of the rainbow was my mailbox. Got the camera and took a picture. It was a very vivid rainbow with deep colors. In the past the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow has been elusive always at a great distance.


Yesterday the same thing happened again only this time my wife and youngest son witnessed it. This time we were leaving to see a movie and the rainbow was an arc that was about five feet high at the tallest in front of the car. We had the angle just right so it remained right in front of the car and you could see the complete rainbow but it was only five feet at the tallest.


In my 61 years here on the planet I've never seen anything like this and am wondering if it is just an optical illusion because of the windows in the car or the high UV rays of the sun. Of course, I was looking out the house windows for the end of the rainbow at the mailbox so it is just weird. Some reports are saying the sun is further north than normal so maybe this is the reason the rainbow forming in the rain ends right in front of me. NOw,

I was in hurricane Donna in the early 60's so have followed weather ever since because I realized early on this stuff can kill ya. Have always liked looking at rainbows when the sun comes out so am more than a casual observer to this stuff.


Oddly enough I got something really exciting in the mailbox the day the rainbow was there.


Have been thinking recently that maybe universe is saying "yes" to everything which can be good, bad or indifferent depending on your thoughts and dreams...

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Pay off debt and save money. Pay off debt and save! 2 years and change left. The clock is a ticking. Tick tock tock.. while everyone is running around spending and having fun. Pay off debt and save. Don't be fooled. 2 years and change left before the world economy implodes.


I don't care about what the start charts say. I know what I know. And I'm 'grinding' as much as I can physically take it and keeping my out put as low as I can. Just so I have the best chance of surviving it. Pay off everything you can.

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Kelv2017, I do not think you were experiencing an optical illusion. We had a double rainbow after a bizarre orange green cloud storm that had a huge glowing orb as bright as the sun inside it. It was so bizarre that someone took a photo and they printed it in the paper. So, don't question your reality, roll with it. I'm 58 and seeing things that I've never witnessed before. And, I've been in positions to see weird stuff.

The sun disease is a strange term, but I am feeling and witnessing the effects of it. It started back in 2013 that I noticed my emotions were weird on some days for no reason. I've practiced self-discipline for most my life and gritted my teeth and bared it. But, today, most don't have any. The war dances are beginning and people's emotions are out of control.

So, I know you're seeing strange stuff, because I'm seeing it too.

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I looked up "water in the May ALTA report. Hurraicane Harvey looks like a bot hit, but it looks like we are not done with water yet.


Pg 3

Rain, rain, more rain, and rain where there had not been rain, and then some more, rain. The data sets

have this described as a 'rain train', in the sense of 'cargo cars' of 'rain' being 'repeatedly dumped (on

our heads)'. The way that 'flooding' had dominated the weather reports in past years, and was then

replaced by 'winds', we have now a new rising descriptor set for 'rain' and 'rain train' as being the

primary supporting set for Terra entity over the rest of this year and into 2018. These sets for 'rain' are

indeed in the supporting chain for 'yet more flooding', but in these new sets, while the 'flooding' is both

'severe', and 'motivating (to) move', the data has 'rain' as being the word most on people's minds. There

are sets that suggest that even in the midst of 'evacuations' from 'flooding', it will be the 'heavy rains'

that will be most discussed.


Pg 3

A majority of the 'rain' sets are also cross linked over to the 'lakes in the sky dumping on our heads' sets

from previous ALTA reports. In the new 'rain train' sets, we find that the 'noise' and the 'immediate

damage' sets are going to be claiming our attention initially from the 'rain train' experience. The 'noise'

is forecast as being so noticed as to to create its own memes with people 'recording sound levels', and

reporting 'sound triggered devices' to be 'acting wonky'. These sets also have the 'sound' being responsible

for 'whole towns' going 'days without sleep' as the 'lakes in the sky' continue to 'pour down'

the 'rain train' experience. Other sets have have the 'immediate damage' being described as just that

level of damage that comes from the 'rain falling'. These sets include 'damaged paint', 'paint peeled off',

and 'antenna damage', and 'roof destroyed'. Other sets have 'people' and 'things' being 'knocked down'

by the 'down pouring rain'. These sets are also in the support for the 'boats sunk by rains' sets from

previous ALTA reports.


pg 18 USA pop

The data sets have the USAPop within the 'southwest', as coming 'under severe (other worldly)

weather'. These sets have the 'weather' being described as a 'chaotic mix' in which 'snow', 'hail',

'extreme winds', and 'atmospheric rivers (and lakes)' all of which are showing as 'dumping weather' for

'long days' over the 'south'. The data sets have the 'south east' facing 'record Spring storms', as well as

'flooding' at levels 'not previously recorded'. These 'record breaking weather systems' are within the

supporting sets for the 'inland seas filling up'.


Pg 19 USA pop

There are new data sets with extreme emotional levels coming into USAPop around 'water'. These

include supporting sets for 'flooding', and other 'damage' including 'buildings pushed off foundations',

'buildings pushed into rivers', and 'buildings pushed over'. The 'buildings' descriptor set includes

'multiple stories', and 'apartment complex', and other language about very large 'buildings' going walkabout due to 'water pressure' on the 'lower stories'.

These extreme emotional sums for the 'water' sets are at the top of the range. This means that 1) we will

increase our “range of potentials' for each of the pertinent emotional categories within the multiple

dimensional array of values; and 2) that we are likely headed for some form of event that will affect a

very large number of people. This last is brought up as a direct result of our forecasting the 9/11 attack

(albeit in a wonky fashion), and then, in 2001, observing and noting the emotional impacts on the

population's language use, and then adapting conclusions from those observations to this work. The

emotional levels now affecting 'water' sets within USAPop, in their emotional array profile, are very

similar to instances we have been able to capture with this work in its recent and distant past. Stated in

another fashion just to make the point; we have seen stuff like this before, and it is not going to be



pg 19-20

These extremely emotionally charged 'water' focused sets have some interesting sub sets that include

references to areas all along the 'west coast USA', that include specifically parts of British Columbia,

specifically Vancouver Island, and some inland areas of BC.


The 'shock' of the 'ground releasing water', or 'tremors come up through the water' sets have a Malibu to

Malibu explicit range. This is to say that we have sets referencing 'Malibu, BC', and 'Malibu, CA', as

being directly impacted by this series of events. First we have 'tremors', with the obvious 'earthquake'

implication, but then we also have the 'water' and 'waters', and 'flooding' sets that are all going to the

idea of 'water water water everywhere but none to drink or wash with'. These sets would seem to be

describing first an 'earthquake' in the midst of a 'pounding rain storm' that then also has 'so much water'

as to 'lay it over (9 feet) of land' with the interpretation of basically 9 feet of standing water 'on the land'

when the 'rains stop rushing'. These sets are suggesting that the totality of the range of impact reaches

from Malibu, BC, Canada well into the tip of the Baja peninsula in Mexico. The larger areas for

'population impact' include California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, and to a lesser extent,

Arizona and New Mexico. These sets are NOT showing a giant earthquake! Repeat, NO giant

earthquake. Rather what we have is a very large storm series indicated to be 'slamming' into the west

Coast over many days, and then, in the middle of the storms, a relatively large earthquake. This

earthquake is indicated to be more or less centered up here in the PNW (Pacific north west), but is also

indicated to cause 'land slides' and 'ripples' and 'shifts' in 'saturated surface soils' that are described as

'initiating tremors' which cause 'ruptures' in 'pipelines', as well as 'breaking electrical lines', and

'damaged (surface) infrastructure'.

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There was another reference to water ion the May report. Namely "water everywhere but nothing to drink" I ran a cross and article about what would happen to Los Angeles and southern California in the case of a large earthquake. A lot of the language matched. I had not thought about how many water pipelines and aqueducts that going to S CA that cross fault lines.


Houston offers a grim vision of Los Angeles after catastrophic earthquake



Pg 20


The 'water not to drink' sets are likely referencing areas in the 'south west' of the USAPop, but are also

inclusive of large areas of northern Mexico, and all of Baja California, Mexico. These sets have

'flooding' and 'pipelines (pushed until) breaking' as being the causes here. These sets are suggesting that

'water treatment plants' are going to be 'flooded over' and thereafter take 'years to recover', and some

will be 'abandoned'.


The 'dirty water not to drink' sets have 'water trucks' being desperately sought across most of the

continent as a result of 'not functional pipelines', and 'drinking water facilities under water'. These sets

have 'convoys' of trucks heading for 'Nevada' as a 'collection point'. The data is very clear about

focusing 'Nevada', with specific references to 'Las Vegas', as being the 'core of the diaspora transit

staging area'. There are many sets that have 'breaking', and 'slips', and 'slides', that are associated with

Nevada place names.


There are many supporting sets for the 'dirty waters denying drinking' and its impacts on the

population. These supporting sets would seem to be describing a long, drawn out process that will take

weeks, maybe even months, to actually play out, then a number of months in the 'reaction' or 'recovery'



BTW the earthquake safety in the video is a little dated. Just getting under something like a table will protect you from falling debris but it will not protect you from pancaking buildings. Get next to something that is not crushable, a file cabinet, sofa, refrigerator etc. People are found alive in the "triangle of life" in pancaked buildings if they are next to something that won't crush. The old advice to stand in a doorway is outdated too. Personally if I am close to an outside doorway. I will run outside.

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