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April 2017 ALTA : ..Two Tribes!

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April 2017 ALTA : ..Two Tribes!




Note this is a PDF (written) ALTA report in the original format.

The range of this report is from April 2017 through to 2034.

This report is in the newer, more readable format.

Pricing is a small $15 (US dollars).




Pdf written text only:





To purchase the ALTA Report ->



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Meta data


From the December 2016 report onward, the rate of growth of areas within modelspace has escalated

rapidly. Some have doubled. These growth rates are independent of changes in the lexicon or

processing. These growth rates, at a meta data level, are themselves pointing to the planet having

shifted into a period of increased, and increasing, change.


While the rate of change forecast by these reports is seemingly way too fast, we need only note any

individual element, as example, the forecast of major 'flying cars manufacturing' here in USAPop by

early 2020s. Then looking around and seeing so many examples of just such efforts underway globally

now, and the probability of the forecast rises with each new example.


This approach of examining each forecast for its own potential lessens the total mind numbing effect of

the contemplation of 'so much change' in 'so short a period', and then it 'gets faster from there'!


The pace of future acceleration of change is jumping out from the data sets. The pace of future change

will be taking off from some point in December of 2016. It will be growing daily, and even more

impacting, the change will be combining with itself to create yet more change.


At a meta data level, the presentation is quite clear, there will be no relief from here forward....change


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Thanks for sharing good information ...............................








































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