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Have been a bit obsessed with Antarctica reading the hints in the ALTA reports about what might be just around the corner. Clif is correct, if you search "Antarctica Anomalies" you get to see with your own eyes what is going on rather than someones opinion. During a recent interview Clif mentioned that Leidos Holdings (LDOS) had gotten a big contract. It looks like LDOS is a safe bet but nothing reaches out that this is the next big thing. LDOS does make money and has a price/earnings ratio of about 16 so plenty of room to grow. This is not investment advice, I might add, as I know next to nothing about this stuff.


Does anyone see what Clif sees in this company, Leidos Holdings? Not keen at all investing in a military agency but if this is IBM or Microsoft early on may have to suck it up and invest. Does anyone else know what companies will profit from "The Discovery" in Antarctica?




Go to about 55 minutes into this interview for what Clif High says about L.D.O.S. rebranding of S.E.I.C. (Deep space & moon was former focus) to focus on Antarctica:



March 2017 PRESS RELEASE https://www.wsj.com/articles/PR-CO-20170313-910923

Air Force Research Laboratory Awards Leidos Mission Systems Open Architecture Science and Technology Contract



march 2017 PRESS RELEASE https://www.wsj.com/articles/PR-CO-20170313-903134

Airways New Zealand Awards Leidos Contract to Modernize Air Traffic Management Systems



marach 2017 PRESS RELEASE https://www.wsj.com/articles/PR-CO-20170309-908442

Air Force Awards Leidos Electromagnetic Research Contract



2016 PRESS RELEASE http://www.lockheedmartin.com/us/news/press-releases/2016/august/081616-lockheed-martin-closes-transaction-with-leidos.html

Lockheed Martin Successfully Closes Transaction to Separate and Combine IT and Technical Services Businesses with Leidos



Stock information:




In terms of the woo-woo world the clear huckster David Wilcock said some interesting stuff toward the end of this video around one hour thirty-six minutes in (but be warned Wilcock is so full of himself here):



Look at the prices to view this recent woo-woo event:



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This is an interesting concept. I will be reading about this more... I personally don't want to invest in anything I can't hold in my hand for now with a few small other investments in the same area of stocks and of course some bitcoin.


I think after the world is has been washed out it maybe time to look at things like this... It is good info and will be looking and reading just to take a look.



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I always prefer to make investment across varies investments, as that is how we are able to generate good money and also keep everything in comfortable zone. I have investment on Stocks/Forex and the Crypto world. I love Bitcoin/Ethereum and right now, I have portfolio of upcoming ICO investments. In those, I really want to point out XinFin, as it is the FIRST of it's kind HyBrid project. While there are MANY names that I could mention, but again it is all about dividing investments.

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Hey guys I am new to this forum and looking forward to the discussions

Cryptoworld can you tell us more about XinFin?


Firstly, I am very sorry, as I am not exactly active on forums. Then, I forgot the password and might sound stupid, I also forgot the email. I eventually figured out! Back to the thing you asked. Well in simple terms XinFin is one of the hot ICOs right now. I have a portfolio of ICO investment where something like 10-12 options here and out of all those, I have the highest investment on this.


It’s the first of its kind HyBrid Blockchain. And got an excellent team that includes very experienced names with 2 major advisors recently joined in and they have ALREADY risen over $3.5 Million. I got in pretty early to receive a huge bonus, but even now they have 10% bonus with the 3rd round going on. I guess I have told you everything I knew about them. I am joined on their telegram, so you can join for more discussion if you want. https://t.me/xinfintalk

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