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Cruising through Glenelg


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My sincere apologies. I forgot your name.


To the kind lady in the herb shop in Glenelg, this afternoon. Join us. We can defeat them, the PTB.

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Right...so that didn't work.


Have to wait until next month.


In the meantime,


.........ladies and gentlemen


AC/DC Live at Donnington. 2003 ish ?

Hell ain't no bad place to be.


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I just found out this wasn't just my normal ramblin's.....


Come on folks, I now recognise my lack of encouragement.


clif rules ! KO !


This post is sponsored by the South Australian Dyslexia Forum.

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We generally keep him locked up inside the main forum, have to see about the administrative committee in charge of administering the administrative duty of considering a vote to schedule a meeting to decide on when and how you will be upgraded to enter the main forum.


You should be in as fast as Auspost delivers an Express package.


Or sooner.

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Geezer !


Glad you could make it. Hurry up mate. It's all happening on the main forum. Remember the 'club' I told you about last night that was being discussed ?


I was too bloody slow, Geez. It's a done thing and pretty much running already. So move it up and get some "skin" in the game.

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Hail fellow well met, AdmissionPro456!


Welcome to the portal of the passage to the gate before the archway of the drawbridge to the entrance to the WebBot Forum!

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Ah, come on equanimity. You make it sound hard. lol.:chuckle:


You just need to send a fifty cent stamp and a self-addressed envelope.....


No. Hang on.


Just an email to webmaster@webbotforum.com


and you'll be in. No portcullis, no hippopotamii, no lions.

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