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March 2017 ALTA : ...Watch this Space!

WBF Monk

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March 2017 ALTA : ...Watch this Space!



Note this is a PDF (written) ALTA report in the original format.

The range of this report is from March2017 through to 2047.

This report is in the newer, more readable format.

Pricing is a small $15 (US dollars).



Pdf written text only:




To purchase the ALTA Report ->

















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Meta data


Please note that we are showing a schism within the data that is being reflected in the take over of the

Deep State by the winning faction. This take over includes the 'above ground' expression of that victory

which is the Trump administration. This is a redefinition of the 'officialdom' phrase long used in these

reports. There are still elements of 'officialdom' as it had been previously defined by 'globalists agenda'

in place within 'governments' in the western republics. There is also a new and rising 'officialdom'

definition as the Trump administration, and the winning faction of the Deep State move consolidate

their power. The convention adopted to reflect this condition in these reports will be to preface

'officialdom' with the word 'new' in parentheses to differentiate from the '(globalist) officialdom'.


The processing here at halfpasthuman was able to catch a major shift in language in early 2016. The

change captured allowed for the tuning of the lexicon that has increased the near term success rates.

The capturing of the language change allowed for the increased accuracy within bitcoin projections.

The capturing of the change in language has produced the forecast for Trump victory.


The shift in language of last year was a leading edge of a manifestation of change that our data sets are

forecasting to be on-going for at least the next 50/fifty years. The larger patterns within the language

have linguistic structures suggesting that the level, and intensity of change over these next 5/five

decades will be beyond anything we may be able to imagine now.


The central problem during this time will be one of attitude. Obviously, the more one has an attachment

to the status quo, the more one will suffer mental anguish as the change proceeds. Those people with

the awareness to harmonize with the changes have some potential to take considerable control of how

the manifestation expresses in their life. Those who fight change become its victim.


Though it will feel as these changes have emerged suddenly, their origins are deep within the past. The

forces propelling them have been at work for decades. Preventing these changes is practically

impossible, and certainly not desirable.


In all ages of great change such as we now enter, it helps one to learn to flow with the currents of time.

Those aware people who wish assert their vision within the manifesting reality will rise up as the active

agents of this great change. They will harmonize with universe and surf the cresting wave of change.

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"Seismic Activity ... Ice Age ... Credit Freeze ...


Bad Earthquakes ... Reduced Solar Radiation ...


Crushing of the Food Supply and Prices!" eq.

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Does seem to be earth movement in Chile, Argentina and Peru recently...well, like today.



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Suspicious0bserver reported on a coastal event yesterday, with huge oceanic surges of water swamping coastal towns on the eastern seaboard with that wicked storm blowing through. I think we forget that it is a gradual, cumulative thing, it appears muted when averaged around the world. The places where it hits full-on, however, will have their futures changed.


Same with anything that happens from the north to the south along the west coast. There will be an epicenter, but everybody will receive the wave each at their own angle.

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As our magnetic field is quickly weakening it's a good thing the sun isn't very active. As our field strength goes down you can think of it as a starship with the shields failing. As we continue to lose protection it will take less and less of a solar burp to cause problems. We already have episodes of health warnings from increased radiation making it to ground level. It's getting to where tin hats don't sound so silly anymore.

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