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ALTA January 2017 for Bitcoin Gold Silver and Markets

WBF Monk

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ALTA January 2017 for Bitcoin Gold Silver and Markets




Note this is a PDF (written) ALTA report specifically focusing on bitcoin, gold, silver, and the markets.

The range of this report is from January 2017 through to March of 2018.

This report is for those with a view to trading.

This report is in the newer, more readable format.

Pricing is a small $15 (US dollars).





To purchase the ALTA Report ->









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Bitcoin has been surfacing in our predictive linguistics work since late in 2005. Yes, this was several

years before the appearance of the Satoshi Nakamoto white paper detailing the idea of the blockchain,

and its primary use, a crypto-currency.


When the data for the 'new money' began to emerge, it was initially assumed to be an 'after the fact'

replacement for the 'dying dollar' as these terms presented themselves to our data sets. There were hints

in the data that our interpretation was not accurate, but it was not until Satoshi released the white paper

in 2009 that the mystery was solved.


At the time of the Satoshi 'dialogues' at the various forum sites, the data sets were identifying the work

as the 'nascent (new) money'. It took until late in 2011, before the first of what we considered to be

'reliable' temporal markers emerged into reality, and thereafter, we here at halfpasthuman became

convinced that bitcoin was going to 'have legs' well into the future which we were quite vocal about

stating over those early years.


It has been a very tumultuous and torturous road since.

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