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November 2016 ALTA : Emergence

WBF Monk

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November 2016 ALTA : Emergence...


Note this is a PDF (written) ALTA report in the original format. The range of this report is from November 2016 through to January 2048.

This report is in the newer, more readable format.

Pricing is a small $15 (US dollars).


Please be advised that this report contains information that many in USAPop may find distressing.


To purchase the ALTA Report ->


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Meta data

The majority of this report is devoted to the USAPop and the Markets entity. The reasons will be

obvious. Where time permits, sub sets of GlobalPop have been annotated. The data suggests that a

USAPop focus will be continuing through to at least April of 2017 as USAPop leads the rest of the

western world into the death of the Federal Reserve USA) dollar paradigm. We do not have enough

longer term data to determine if this is the death of the 'central banking-warfare' model for humanity,

but it is clear the potentials are in place for such an outcome to develop over these next few decades.


I have worked diligently to bring out the positive focus of all the data sets as presented here. Not to

slant, but only to try to balance out what could be seen as a negative focus. Remember, humans,

especially on the internet, and especially in english, tend to express more negative emotions than

positive. This is a known aspect of our work these past decades. So, instead of becoming depressed

over the forecast in this (and probably next few) ALTA reports, you do have the option of viewing these

upcoming years as some of the most monumental for change in recent decades.


Please note that with all of the manifesting temporal markers in the 'secrets revealed' meta data layers

of some years back, many of those sets are now 'new again'. So if some of these descriptions below

seem familiar, they may be as we have lots of temporal markers emerging along with the other data

'behind them' so to speak.

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There is a lot of stuff in this report that showed up in reports from way back. Antarctic ice bergs break off. The Amazon river delta being hugely changed by earth movements. Snow and ice building up on land and causing sea levels to fall as water is retained on land. Unusual earthquakes with stretching or shuddering that get new names.


And of course the dollar death meme which I think has been in his work from the beginning. Either my understanding of what dollar death means or refers to is off, or this patient is going through a long terminal illness.


The report has another long time meme. Military bases closing and the government not having the money to ship the men home.


Pg 17

Military bases being closed, and abandoned. Hidden money relationships, including 'corruption' and 'murder' are forecast to be revealed by the 'global pull-in' of the USAPop military. The data has 'hundreds of bases' to be affected by 'currency crises' before the end of April 2017.




data sets have been growing since early in 2003. The core of the data sets goes to the idea of the USA 'military' running out of money to 'bring soldiers home' from some of the 'hastily abandoned military bases'. The 'running out of money' is a complex set that shows many countries and corporations will not be accepting 'Federal Reserve dollars'.


The Renaissance or transformed US with new ideas and technologies is still around 2020-2025 as it has been for a long time. Interestingly enough the Fourth Turning guys say the crisis phase or the 4th turning happen every 80 years and last a generation. They predicted that the current crisis phase would be from 2005 to 2025. We may have started this one a bit late in 2007/2008. The last crisis phases in the US were the Civil War and the Depression and WWII combined.


Elections were rarely mentioned in the past. Though he has said all year that this year's elections would be unlike any seen before. The crumbling of TPTB and infighting among the elite has been in the reports for years. From this report it sound like we will see more infighting among the elite becoming more visible. Now we will see government worker "suicides" not just banker "suicides" Democrat and Republican officials will be resigning due to corruption investigations.


He says Trump wins by a landslide but then things devolve into "confusion" It sounds like the confusion lasts Nov- Dec and then we adapt to a certain level of confusion being part of the new American life.


Pg 12

The data would suggest that Trump triumphs over Hillary by a margin so large as to seem and be labeled as 'ridiculous' in 'modern American politics'. Nonetheless, the 'victory' is indicated to be 'clouded' at several levels. Some of the data sets are suggesting that an attempt to 'install a president' will take place, albeit in a rather 'slap-dash' fashion that ends up being little more than a 'foot-note to history'.


Confusion reigns in USAPop as a result of the 'presidential election'. The 'results' are 'denied', and 'taken into conference' by some 'participating (in the) theater', while self-organizing 'victory parades' are taking place in other areas. The whole of the sets involved with the 'elections' are filled with 'confusion' and 'chaotic thinking', and 'denial (of) manifesting reality


This does not have a good effect on the markets or the functioning of everyday government and government benefits. Clif often reports breakdowns as if they happen everywhere and then they manifest in one small area. All the same, he seems to be reporting larger than usual breakdowns and years required to recover.


It sounds like we will have another real estate foreclosure mess which will effect boomers and their children living at home. Lots of anger at bankers. Some of the newly homeless will become stars of the new media countering the now distrusted MSM.


In early 2017 Urban/ inner city minority employment crashes as a result of credit freezing, the breakdown of just in time delivery system and erosion of the Democratic party. But this will create a new self determination, self sufficiency and a wave of urban farming and manufacturing. it makes me think that all the rules that make it nearly impossible to open a lemonade stand will be ignored and self employment and small business start ups return of necessity.


pg 15

The idea coming up from the data sets is that the 'make-a-way' movement begins in 'urban America' as the 'sudden crash' of the 'support system' will force new approaches to 'everyday life' in the sense that 'new' everything will need to be 're-invented'. New food sources, new energy sources, all of it. The data sets are forecasting that the 'plan of the elites' is going to 'run into bad timing issues' such that 'it will fail', and USAPop will be faced with 'adapt or die'. Many will die. Circumstances will not favor them. Others will be able to adapt, and will lead yet others into new paths through our emerging 'years of struggle' here in USAPop.


Obamacare crashes 'rapidly". (We could see that one coming.) Healthcare industry or the insurance side has a "brutal drop" in the volume of available money. Slow downs and failure of payment effect clinic, hospitals, suppliers and employees. millions of patients can't procedures and get on line to complain about it.


Business crashes all over 2017 as the credit freezes and credit floats effect business and payrolls.


States have realignments of power based on resources especially precious metals. Fractured USA national alliance is possible. power and food sources become involved in interstate bargaining.


It sounds as if it is time to lead ourselves vs scrambling trying to pick good leaders. Top down monetary solutions don't work

pg 21

The attempt over 2017 of the 'remnants' of the 'global power elite' to 'impose (their) monetary solution' to the 'unfolding currencies crash' hits a wall, in the data sets, in the form of almost instant 'collision' with the 'flailing' and 'failing political structure' within the USAPop. Basically, the data is showing that the 'political power structure' here in USAPop is so 'screwed up' with most of the 'established members' of the 'power elite' in 'desperate scramble mode' to 'cover their own ass' for all their 'crimes' that there is no 'political will' showing in the data sets as being 'capable' of 'imposing' the 'world (elite collective) currency solution'.
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He writes it's going to be a snowy winter. I could have told you yesterday as I picked up the acorns off my driveway with a snow shovel. I actually save them to throw them out in the middle of winter for my squirrel friends.

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Seems like the Trump win will mirror the Brexit win - even now, Sunday 6th Nov the polls are saying that Hillary will win.


With Brexit the polls were saying that the outcome would be "remain in EU" right up until the first results came in, and then suddenly it was "whoa, those results are very different to what the polls had lead us to expect".


Exciting times coming... Lets hope and pray for peace, no matter what else happens.



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