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Linear thinking vs. cyclical thinking - An insightful discussion from ALTA 0108-2007

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Did a follow-up search for this post (link to public October ALTA thread), (re)-stumbled on this great discussion from a report from 2007 on the 'death match' between 'linear' and 'cyclic' thinking models.


Still pertinent after all these years. Definitely stands the test of time. Clif at his best!


From ALTA 0108 Part Zero//4.20.2007

Meta Data - Time, Multidimensionality, Discrimination Mind, 4V5


From the perspective of a multiple discipline systems engineer, it is easy to tell that the 'good economy' proclamations of the Bush years are merely attempts to control the language used relative to the economy. During the actual good economic times {ed note: aka - the clinton/greenspan boom years}, I received an average of several calls per week from "head hunters" seeking skills in one or more of my many disciplines. Almost overnight with the transition past the Nasdaq/Dow/Internet_stocks crash of 2000, and the ascension to the throne of the manipulated pretender Bush, the calls from the head hunters fell as a stone through thin ice over a deep lake. The rapidity with which the destruction/implosion of the "internet stocks" bubble hit the employment market for high end technical skills was shocking. It had taken from 1994 through to 1998 for the twin monetary bubbles of the Y2K employment bubble, and the internet stocks bubble to raise the demand for skilled technicians to the point that an annual average went from zero calls per week to 4/four per week. The call rate was mostly stable during 1998 through to the middle of 2000. There after it started down, and by the inauguration of Bush, the rate had once again returned to zero, never to resurface. So, from a personal experience with the boom and bust cycle, the claims by the Bush administration that the 'economy is good' rang hollow in the absence of any other "dimensional display" of the claims. In other words, the drop off of the head hunter calls was the loss of a huge "dimension" of the 'good times'. In the Bush years, in spite of proclamations, the universe is *not* providing multiple dimensional reinforcement to the claims. All of the arguments about the 'why' of the situation aside, the loss of supporting 'dimensionality' to *all* of the claimed successes of the Bush administration are clear pointers to the curse of "linear thinking".


Linear thinking is a curse whether it besets a people or a person. It comes from a misperception of the nature of time. Time, contrary to popular analogies and conceptions, is not linear; does not flow like a river; and is not available in a 'pre-created future' into which we pass. Time is not a 'progression', nor does it exist as we popularly think in a triad of "past, present, and future". The linear thinker has a view of universe in which somehow the future exists ahead of their arrival at it. They consider the present moment to be merely a point from which to either anticipate the future, and from which to contemplate the past. It can be logically noted that inconsistencies creep into such a view instantly...as an example, if the future already "exists" in any meaningful fashion, then is it possible to "plan" for the future? If the future exists, does not that mean that 'events are written', and predestination is the *only* rational conclusion...and if so, why bother to plan/prepare? Both of these instances are merely small inconsistencies which the thinking mind must reconcile to the view of a linearalists idea of the nature of time. There are more and larger inconsistencies and contradictions within the view which touch on the ideas of time travel and other curious notions.


The reality of time can be ascertained once the idea of "continuous creation" is grasped. A good and in depth discussion of this universology can be found in the work of Paul Lavoilette. At its core the idea is that all time exists simultaneously, and that our perception as humans of time 'progressing moment to moment' is merely the best our brains can accommodate. This is a necessary restriction imposed on manifestations within the 3/three dimensional universe. However, the perception of time as a 'moment by moment' experience does not make the perception the reality except to the more limited minds of the linearally bedazzled/hypnotized. To those who shake off the hypnotizing illusions of time, it becomes obvious that within the core nature of time things operate in a circular or cyclical fashion. Indeed, even with both the perception and the reality of manifesting universe, cycles dominate..from the motions of the stars and galaxies, down to planets, atoms, electrons, energies, seasons, life_patterns, and all other manifesting circumstances within material universe, cycles predominate. Hmmm. So why do the linearalists deny the influence of cycles on their own actions and lives? Perhaps because they seek liberation (from the cycles of life and death) in the form of an escape clause. To those who perceive that all of a life's events are *not* separated by time, but rather are joined by it, any given moment, and the actions/reactions therein, are intimately joined to any, and all, other moments. Such perception allows, even facilitates the perception, and appreciation of the 'cyclic' nature of time in which the individual, while seemingly transiting a linear format experience, that is time, nonetheless is able to perceive "periodicity" and "interconnectedness" within the events which register on their consciousness within the experience. Such a cyclic perception brings with it an appreciation of both the impermanence of 3 dimensional reality, as well as the persistence of patterns and resonance which transcend that impermanent.


Linear thinking is a curse whether it besets a people or a person. Consider that to a linear thinker, the past is 'gone' and with the exception of knowledge of the past in the form of human memory or documentation popping up, there is no way for the past to interact with the present. Within this perception of 'time passing', any crime is a "thing of the moment", and therefore if properly handled, its ramifications can be controlled as well as limited to the moment. Thus, following what passes for logic in the linear view point of time, it is possible to escape consequences for any crime or transgression merely by controlling access to, and the collective perception of the 'memory of the past'. It is precisely this sort of thinking which led Orwell to the "revision of history" as an active role of government in his novel 1984. This same linear viewpoint can be, and is currently embraced as the modus operandi for all social orders based on the linear perception religions. These include judaism, mohammadism, and christianism. The linearalist believes, to the extent of their personal denial energy levels, that 'cycles' within time are 'illusions', and are 'non impacting' on their reality. Indeed, they even go so far as to concertedly, and as the act of a mutually-reinforcing mass, stigmatize those who can/do perceive the 'cycles of time' as "conspiracy nuts" or "backward", or other pejorative terms usually intended to imply the recipient is less than human, and therefore worthy of victimization/control or other acts which tend to reinforce the denial state of the linearalist. It is interesting to note that societies organized on linearalistic precepts have both crime and incarceration at whole orders of magnitude higher levels than cyclical based social orders. This principle scales with the numbers of the persons within the societies as well as their complexity along the cyclical-to-linear continuum of thinking. That is to say, the more 'hard core' linearalist the social order the higher both crime and incarceration will be by all statistical measures.


At a very core level the human condition of the last several millennia has been a battle for supremacy of vision of the nature of time which has resolved down to the linearalists versus the cyclicalists. This [conflict] can be seen throughout the history of the species in many different guises but most frequently and generically described as [west versus east]. Within the expression of the meta data layers, we note the presence of language pointing to this most basic of [conflicts]. Further many of the cultural changes occurring are happening at levels which express the concept of 'cycles' so blatantly as almost be insulting. We note with sarcastic irony the obvious schisms appearing within the populace in the 'developed or linearalists' world over the known and unknown cycles issues around 2012...or what is euphemistically called 'global warming' {ed note: merely a manifesting symptom of the cycles of time and the proximate of 2012}.


The ability of the aware individual to perceive the "design patterns" appearing in the universe around them is a function of what the Buddhists call insight and the Taoists call "perceiving the tao in flow". Both of these concepts, as well as the point of obtaining these states of awareness are usually lost on the linearalist as they live in what is known as "discrimination mind" in which they become mentally captivated by the progression of the moments and the manifestations emerging. The "discrimination mind" view of universe, and in particular, time, is such that consequences are separated from actions by a "river" of time that once past can never be recovered, and by extension therefore, consequences of actions *may* be avoided by adroit manipulation, which is to say, cleverness. That the whole concept is filled with flaws is not apparent to linearalists as they are in active denial about the continuously manifesting cycles which surround and control their daily existence. This is even the case when their daily existence, such as "stock trader" is completely focused on *just* such activity as cycles. But no, in the end, the discrimination mind of linear thinkers is in complete control and insists that time, and progress are ever forward, ever upward and any experience to the contrary is merely a personal failure to 'be bullish'.


This discussion of the linearalist versus cyclic view point on universe is pertinent as the meta data layers, as well as the current progression of modelspace are presenting a new set of details which strongly suggest that the 'mind set change' which is occurring within the populace over the course of this release period will have at its core a [conflict] between these opposing views of universe. The meta data layers are placing this [conflict] of perceptual view within a broader context which we are labeling as [4V5]. This label references the [fourth order] versus the [fifth order] nature of the constituencies for each of the opposing views, linearalist versus cyclicalist. In this case the [fourth order] represents the linear level of viewing universe, where the [fifth order] is cyclical.


More than mere syntax or odd linguistic references, the new context of [4V5] is found in a number of entities including the populace entities, Bushista, and Markets. The most curious however is the SpaceGoatFart entity sub set of [4V5]. The appearance makes sense is a strange sort of way when the details of the supporting aspect/attributes are examined within the SpaceGoatFarts entity. It can be noted within the details that the [space aliens] of the [2/two] types of [grays] are [4th order] beings, while humans are [5th order] in spite of the tendency for some humans to prefer the 4th order thinking of the linearal view point. A key point of difference is that the [grays] are *not* capable of [5th order] (experience) though they understand that humans can [conceptualize/imagine] in [5th order] [thinking]. The presumption is that the [grays] telepathy as well as other related sensory input issues form a rigidity of group think which, while powerful, is very limited.


As a support to the concepts it can be offered that the [4th order] beings such as the [grays] show [few/little] signs of individuality. In fact, popular impression has it that the small grays are actually clones in the service of the large grays who themselves exhibit near clone-like uniformity of face and body. This is similar to the many [4th order] species here on earth which range from all plants to most animals. True, small markings differences and general body sizes exist in all animal species, but very few include the range of expression of individuality of the human species. And notably, those other animal species which do manifest individuality are dominated by species whose breeding is under the control of humans....think dogs and cats, other domesticated animals.


The data sets are indicating that the [central] component of the linear versus cyclic thinking will emerge over the course of this summer in much the same way that the key word [green] manifested with such strength beginning in January. Within the [green] reference, especially with its many associations to 'green death', there are less than explicit data points which indicated many differing forms of the expression of the 'green death'. In the current cast of [4th versus 5th] order expression and thinking, there are many supporting references which indicate that the manifestation of these opposing view points and their 'struggle for dominance' will rise over the course of Summer with strength at levels larger than has been seen within the [green] meme manifestation.


Within the bespoke references to the [4V5] concept, and within the many cross links to other sub sets in various entities, there exists a level of multidimensionality which reinforces the gravity of this emerging theme. There are bespoke [battle] and [conflict] aspects within the [4V5] aspect which support the idea of the core of this conflict emerging over this Summer. The larger number of references start to accrue following the June solstice and reach the top of a plateau of increase in early August. Thereafter the accretion of values stays stable, and the continuing increase in [4V5] language starts a shift from release over to building emotional tensions as August fades into September. In watching modelspace progress, the impression arises of the 'linearalists' under pressure as increasing evidence of [cycles] manifests, and apparently so blatantly, that the 'linearalists' feel [attacked/beset_upon], and thereafter become [rigid] with [opposition] to [change/changing circumstance]. Of course this last is a signal for a crushing defeat as the idea of [standing rigid, opposing change] simply does not work in a material universe predicated on constant change.

The number and diversity of the levels of language around this [4V5] concept are pointing toward a new meme of some significant impact on daily life. It appears that modelspace is forecasting a [summer] of [disclosure] of [facts/history] which is under the influence of the [secrets revealed] meta data layer and which directly feeds the [battle of perceptions of time] meme that takes place prior to the building emotional tensions of Fall. The data suggests that expressions of linear thought forms failing will abound this Summer, and will [flood] the global media stream. These failures of linear thinking will come from a number of disciplines and according to the Press entity the number of stories with a central theme of 'cycles dominate' will reach a point where the commentary about the developing circumstances actually includes references to the [failure of linear thought]. As warfare in the present moment is being prosecuted by 'linear thinkers', it is understandable that [defeats/setbacks/reductions] in [wars] will also [flood] the global mediastream. Nowhere will this be more evident than in the Bush wars of aggression against the peoples of Iraq and the USofA.


However, please note that [warfare] and [conflict] are not limited to actual combat. There are a number of [mind wars] underway especially within the [western social order] part of the planet, and these [mind wars] will also be going very badly for the [linear thinkers]. Most notably, the Terra intrusions of this Summer are showing as very pointed reminders that [cycles dominate].

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Master class


Chaser nailed it on that truly glorious day:


Wow, I lived to see this, clif linking to a KRS-One video!


Here's the thread (link to private section)


Clif introduced the guy with these words:


All people struggle, some achieve real understanding.


Welcome to the wu-jo master class with KRS ONE!


KRS One - The Power Of Future


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Extract from viddy:


"I am love"


Now ask yourself. What was the voice that just said "I am love"?


Your mouth did not say it. Yet you said it. You spoke without your mouth. In fact, you heard yourself saying: "I am love". Your ear never heard you say this phrase. You said this phrase to yourself. Yet, you heard yourself say: "I am love".


This voice, this hearing, this sight, is beyond your space, and beyond linear time.


You can use these senses to go into your past or into your future and create whatever reality you so desire.


Consider your mind a time traveling device that can take you far into your so-called past, as well as far into your so-called future.


This means that if you are truly aware that time doesn't really exist, then the 70 year old you can literally act as the spiritual guardian of the 20 or 30 year old you now.


You can begin at twenty years of age, for example, visualizing yourself, watching over, protecting and guiding your 15 year old self, now.


This would mean that when you were physically 15 years of age, the mind of the twenty year old you actually did look out for the 15 year old you.

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