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October ALTA 'Adult Supervision'

WBF Monk

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BCwriter, get the heck out of there! can you? you are insanely brave to write these calm little posts and not be packing to leave! I hope you are safe.

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I have a couple of duffle bags that I will take with me if/when they call an evacuation. Equanimity, I don't know if I'm brave or numb. This has been a long summer of deathly smoke, wretchedly high temperatures, and I'm not a young person.


And, yes I've made arrangements with a friend to evacuate with. We are keeping in close contact and we don't live far apart. I also feel a drive to let people out there know from an inside view of what I am witnessing. There is more to this story and for whatever reason, I am here to witness it. I moved here from Texas twelve years ago and not new to disasters. Just new to forest fire, lol. I hate fires.


But, I will remain safe and hope these updates will be useful one day.

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Read yesterday that this is the worst fire in recorded history for British Columbia. They believe this will continue on for a long time. The have dubbed it "The Plateau Fire". We averted the encroachment to our immediate community. The smoke issue will be our long term health effect. So much destroyed and still burning. Many are being sent back home, but I don't know to what. Guess time will tell. Here is a link about the fire.


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