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Rockin' tonight.


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Sorry Joy, I didn't recognize ya. LOL Its been weird all day. For a couple of hours only

half the page showed up for me. There were other posts but they are gone now, I'm

sure they'll be back sooon.....

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Yep. Sumthing wrong with the ''Remember me'' functionality...still no one will find out who i am anyway. :chuckle:


Assassin - God Nah Sleep


Assassin - Man clown


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Guest future flouncer

Beenie Man - Call di doctor (Chicatita riddim)




''Now you're good to go!'', they said. They meant leave. "Keep mum", they said, ''make yourself look like a clown'', they meant.


It's confusing like hell, i know. Silence being the only appropriate reaction in the ever present now.


Still you need some answers? Call di doctor.


Ciao for now

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Machine Head was the album. My bro, Nick, sent me a cassette tape of it when I was in boarding school in dull,wet, grey UK in 1972. Nine years old and desperately missing the tropical climes of Malawi, where my family lived.


That's why I dig Deep Purple.


Missin' him...

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This one goes out to Hillary Clinton. It is a song about all of her dreams coming true.


It’s a war baby, you’ve got to spend for your life.


Everything can be had for a price.


It’s a war Baby, pay your debts when you die.

There is a war on for your mind, to get into your pocket.

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These songs are from Deek Jackson's epic one-man-show called, "9-11 The Musical."

This song is called, 'We are the Nazis (I'm pretty sure we won the last war)'.

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