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Rockin' tonight.


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Over on the main forum, we have this awesome "Entertainment" thread...and we really enjoy it. We post great music clips...


The Band. The Night They Drove ol' Dixie Down.


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Here's what you were trying to post



You click the movie clip icon (second from right) and copy the address bar from the youtube page into there.


Do NOT use the YouTube SHARE address, that won't work.


So, the address I used for the above is


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Told ya, JD....I'll quit by 'mornin'...



Yes, that's Stevie Nicks backup...I think they had a 'thing' goin' on back then, ya' know....


Californee and all....

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Got all distracted by Killary's theater on Sept. 11th, and forgot that it was the 50th anniversary of Paul McCartney's death.


Eleanor Rigby



Band on the Run


And for researchers into the tremendous talent and hard-core esoteric type who took over the role:


The above will explain many of the Tavistock and Freemasonry connections and issues. The replacement's uncle was able to make it so, and his father was a famous musician. The replacement, William Wallace Shepherd, was a descendant of William Wallace, and was a professional musician from the age of 15 or so, and a serious musician, unlike the original Beatles. According to Shepherd, there were many, many songs done by top musicians in Britain that referred to McCartney's death, but they were all into the occult and backed by the same network of intel/Tavistock/occultism. The Rolling Stones were and are simply Satanists, for example.

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Here's an old classic.... just because we became old farts doesn't mean we can't still rock it. ;)



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Uhm.....maybe it's just me but how did we go 10 or 12 hours with no new posts showing, and the very first post to come up is in "Rockin' tonight"??


Wouldn't someone addressing the outage might be a little more helpful? At this point, I'm not even sure this is going to post. I've heard from others experiencing screens that require them to do something before they read a story. This is from someone following rense.com stories.


Jim Fetzer, on rense atm, is reporting computer oddities. And now so is Jeff! May I remind everyone that the US turn over the Internet on Oct. 1st. Whatz'up??

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And now I'm an unregistered user? This Joy in Hawai'i. Forum problems or WTF?? Be sure to check Jeff Rense's show at midnight. He may carry Assange's broadcast live but at least will have a story up immediately! Are we at war with Russia yet?......

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