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Early winter for N America. September snow.


It's Dumping In Montana RIGHT NOW | Up To 8" Of Snow Expected!



Montana Residents Enjoy Snowy Labor Day Weekend



Its snowing in Jackson Hole Wyoming today, more possible Wed and Thur


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The relevant paragraph comes from August_2016_ALTA...


There are new earth changes sets that are forecasting a 'brief' and way early 'dip straight into winter' as

'snow' and 'freezing temperatures' will be the headlines for many places across the northern hemisphere

in September.

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EQ activity picking up, two 6.0's. One in Columbia and one in the Soloman Islands. Full moon coming up on the 16th. This arcticle says that's when the biggies hit: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3781711/Large-earthquakes-triggered-MOON-Biggest-shakes-history-occurred-spring-tides.html


Clif said EQ activity would be picking up. October is a shaky month for Hawai'i....

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It's a beautiful spring day down here...


11.8 degrees C at 20h10 was our high so far today, with constant rain and strong winds. Cold. Had a crack in my steelcap's left boot sole. Had soggy sock syndrome until I went to Web Safety at 15h00 and bought a new pair and a pair of dry socks. Flooding all over town. My daughter took Chilli The Wonder Dog down to the river and dumb@ss went BSC and jumped into the swollen river. (Not too swollen, just a few inches over the overhead lights along the footpath. Well done guys ! You specc'ed well. They were still shining !)


Yep, this global warming sh1t is getting me down....ask John Casey.

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