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ALTA August 2016 : Frenzy

WBF Monk

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This future forecasting stuff can seem overwhelming...


Even to me, and even after all these years examining data and creating reports. So if it gets to you, or

you have questions about the reports, my best contact email for such will be clif(@)halfpasthuman(dot)com .

For background on how these reports are created, there is a primer in the last 8/eight pages of this

report. If your questions about preparation are not answered after reading these, then send an email and

I will get back to you when I am able to get through the daily work (there is a lot of it).


Your ALTA report changes...


If you are a reader of the ALTA reports, you will notice our new format. This new look is designed to

eliminate some of the barriers for our information by reducing the complexity of the presentation.

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Hello, in Cliffs' recent wujo video he mentions the far side? Guys. And ?Dick argyle? I have not been able to successfully find them online. Does anyone have any links? Thanks fclaws

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