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more tweets..                                          

This time the silent people were heard.   From what Labour candidates are saying on TV interviews today, (especially the candidates who lost their seats in Parliament last Thursday) It is be

To our UK members:                 

2 hours ago, simple simon said:

Ah but how will the BBC be funded?


TV advertising? That will be very bad news for the other TV companies who already are funded this way, because advertisers might switch from them to the BBC, meaning that the other TV companies will have an effective reduction in their income  - and therefore have to try and attract more advertising by charging less and / or cut their spending


Simple.  They shouldn't be funded.

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On ‎12‎/‎15‎/‎2019 at 11:09 PM, jdurand said:

What if the Scots hold their referendum, leave the UK and then the EU says "no"?


Then Scotland will be in a canoe during the spring meltwater season when the waters flow at their fastest approaching the sh*t creek waterfall without a paddle

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Now That's What I Call 17 Million $#@! Offs (Dominic Frisby's Brexit Song updated)


Colourful language - first released several years ago and updated with an extra verse for the December 2019 general election



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well i though exit was the end of the world, the MSM was always tell us all it was doing to be bad very bad, did someone not tell this author ???


doh i only got to read the first 2 paragraphs cause it behind a pay wall sorry all

post not deleted cause the headline is good who know what the article say, i am not paying for other to tell me their view as you cant trust these guys for reporting and not attempting social engineering with their opinions

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The EU wants the UK to surrender rights to its territorial waters so that even after we have completely left other EU nations can still over-fish in them

The UK says no, non, nien... 


So, with negations at an impasse...




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