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ALTA April 2016 : Rescue Impossible

WBF Monk

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Data and Interpretation


Meta Arts

Over the years certain patterns have emerged from within our work that we have formed into postulates

of behavior about the nature of the future leaks that we harvest here for fun and amusement.


One of the earlier postulates was that 'the more impacting an event, emotionally and/or temporally, the

further out (ahead) of the event would the leaks occur'. It is this 'emotional pressure' factor that drives

future leaks (in my considered opinion) ahead of the events.


There are differing patterns in how the leaks accumulate, and their 'breadth versus depth' growth that

now, some decades into the effort, allow for a bit better view of the process of the future leaking out of

humans into the ever present now.


In the instance of the 'pressure' component, we have observed several types over the decades, and

categorized them to some small extent. Again, it is the experience of participating in the process that

allows the tuning of the process as long as one is aware of one's own participation's impact on the

process....which makes sense but hurts to think upon.


The 'pressure' component is once again pushing its way into the general consciousness. Future events

are leaking out at a very fast rate, and many with large levels of detail. This, in the past, has not been a

good sign for calm days, and pleasant nights.


One framework for understanding the 'pressure' component is the numeracy involved. Think of any

situation that may occur which would impact a majority of humans on the planet emotionally. If it were

a sudden event, it may have very high 'pressure' value as it would have high emotional intensity, but

may also, not have any 'duration' value in a meaningful way.

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