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March 2016 ALTA : Stay Tuned...

WBF Monk

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Meta Data


The new sets processed for this report are being dominated (in their individual sets) by supporting

language for 'acceleration'. The rising focus within the data for 'quickening', and 'speeding up', and

'rapidity' and 'rate (of) acceleration' are but a few of the many references to the idea that we are all

going to be 'feeling the pace of events moving faster than ever before in our lives'.


Of course there will be confirmation bias language being found by those who are paying attention, but

now the data is showing that 'ordinary humans' will be 'discussing' just 'how fast' the 'year is presenting

(its) events'. This rise in the 'speed of manifesting change' is forecast to be such that 'street talk' is

indicated to include 'fast/speed/quick' as references daily for most people by year's end.


Another soon-to-be-daily-heard word will be 'consequences'. This word is/will be showing up trailing

our 'rapidity' word set, but packing far more 'gravitas' (also look for this to re-emerge) and emotional

depth. The 'consequences' word will be with us for nearly a decade according to the projections within

the longer term values. These sets are suggesting that 'real life consequences' of 'past sins' will continue

to 'pop up' over these next '10/ten years' as the 'rot' is 'excised' from the various 'control systems'

currently in place (mostly within the dollar based empire of paper debt).


The 'consequences' attribute appearance is supportive of the meta data layer of 'revolution'. The

'revolution' is showing as being of an emotional level more intense and more long lasting than both the

previous American and French revolutions combined. The data sets are showing that this current (now

started, now moving forward) 'revolution' has more (cyclic) intensity, and longer lasting, more society

changing, more staying power effects than the 'industrial revolution'.

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Karma's a b***h, y'all!



I'm being sassy, but it's all in the spirit of what Clif was saying. The people who are using the word 'consequences' the most are those who are having the results of their past actions visited upon themselves and their families. No more hiding for the perpetrators. Lots of opportunities for folks to encounter their oppressors directly.

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Guest Unregistered

...ah but, maybe for some the consequences might even be good!?


As in positive, life-enhancing, etc.


This will be for the type of person who does as he/she would be done by... does not rape little children, respects all others, has a heart, compassion, etc.

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The image in my mind when I think "consequences" is what happens when the 8-ball hits a perfectly cue'd up rack of balls. You can guess some of what might happen, but not all of it, and there will be aspects that are statistically unfathomable. There will also be openings made that provide opportunities that a person who can "see all the angles" can take advantage of.


The amazing part is, amidst all the chaos and randomness set loose, there's the deadeye accuracy of "what goes around comes around". So we've got that going for us, anyway!

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