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February 2016 ALTA : Crash Map

WBF Monk

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If you are a prepper buying "Crash Map" with


its thirty-two pages for $15 is a MUST!


It will give you a whole new


perspective of what


to prepare for.

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It will give you a whole new


perspective of what


to prepare for.


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© 2016 by clif high for Halfpasthuman

Crash Map – March, 2016

All rights reserved


Meta Data

In our work here at halfpasthuman, we use the term 'meta' in its meaning of 'beyond', or 'the next level

up from...', and as such our meta data discussion is focused on the 'larger meanings' expressed in the

patterns of the data as it accrues, rather than the data itself. In this instance the data meaning came

actually 'crashing' out at us from the word frequency of 'crash' and its many variants arising in the data.

Now note, we do not sweep up and use conscious discussions from the internet, only the variantion in

language from the established pattern type within that domain of knowledge (ie. Words normally not

found in that form of discussion, such as 'battleship' showing up in a gardening forum on zinnias and

not referring to a label or name).


So, given the repeated references to 'crash' and 'crashing systems' within the data, it naturally flowed to

produce this 'Crash Map' for 2016 in which our data sets are directing attention to specific

demonstrations from universe of the 'crash' idea as a necessary step on the path to what-comes-next.


Certain to come next, at least as a main component, is, as the data is forecasting, the extensive use of

the word 'rationing'. Expect to see various forms of the word work its way into daily use over this year,

especially within the 'dollar empire'. As this 'dollar based empire crashes', the 'rationing' is showing as

being applied to 'silver coins', and 'gold allocations', and 'medicines', and 'electricity', and hundreds of

'food items', as well as 'strategic industrial products'. The data is indicating that most of the 'rationing'

language will become 'north america' (including canada and mexico) and 'europe zone' focused over

late 2016 and into 2017.

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Not sure exactly what problem you're having. Are you saying Windows security won't let you open the PDF, or won't let you download it, or what?

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