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ALTA December: Strange Attractors

WBF Monk

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Data and Interpretation


Processing for December 2015, through to 2022


We need to note that the data flows are very greatly increased as a result of recent global events.

This has led to a large growth in modelspace such that it is difficult to process through all of the

many new sets in a timely fashion. As a result, many areas of modelspace had to be merely

scanned for highlights and those reported.


Meta Data

A long identified meta data layer of 'secrets revealed' has risen to primary supporting positions in most

of the entities in modelspace. This 'secrets revealed' meta data layer was first identified in early 1999

and has persisted and grown over time. New supporting sets for the individual lexical structures within

the layer have propelled this layer forward just at this time. There were only a very few hints of the

rising of this layer over the last two ALTA reports but nothing such as is now being displayed within

modelspace. ...



to read the rest, proceed to hph

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