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13 minutes ago, jdurand said:


Well, I was an adult but I'm younger than that now.

I thought that sounded familiar

Ahhh the 60's....no wonder we're all warped, lol

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14 hours ago, cowpoke said:

There is a fine line where such virtues as selflessness and empathy become mixed up with negative qualities like hubris,, enabling, and the interference in the karma of others.  Everyone needs to define that line for themselves, and it often includes many difficult decisions about how much you really can do for others.  The fact you are actually giving thought to it, though, is positive.  Sometimes not helping is more helpful than helping, if that makes sense.  Every case is not the same.


I'm aware that interfering in the process of others might even cause harm, because you would be even stopping the learning of a lesson needed in life by someone. I know that in theory, in normal times, it's even difficult to know how to act, I can't even think what would be in a extreme situation like a pandemic. Hope nothing happens. How bad is to interfere in the karma of others?

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19 hours ago, Crazy Charlie said:

welcome   David , , , ,  its my opinion that this world/reality is a  " service to self" one ,,,

that  means  by its  very nature you  watch out for  you first and  family ,  you  help others if you

can,when  you  can .. you can't  lose sleep over  not helping  when your in a  position of being unable to help ..

by  learning more  about the true nature of the world ( and yourself)  your building a future where you can help more ...

to  some extant we all have to chop wood and carry water  ,  if your not doing that its possible your stealing that effort  from others ...

I don't know if I'm reading too much into the 2 replies I got, meaning that I understood what I don't want to see in me but know is in me; or if, both of you, knowingly, pointed something uncomfortable about me (my defects). It wasn't directly, maybe it was something transparent in my introduction that you saw and pointed out.
I always have been seeking comfort, the bare optimal minimum, something that various people, specially my parents, have told me. Prepping, in my case, might be just the seek of comfort in extreme times, to avoid, "to chop wood and carry water". The idea of stealing effort from others is something that I'm sure I have felt I´ve done. 

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Really i think none of us know how we will react in crisis. We dont know until we are in the situation and are tested. We hope we will react in ways we can feel good about. 


I am a single lady so my preps are mostly to take care of myself. My family all live far away. But there are things that i get extra of to have enough to help others too.


Mostly what i collect is health knowledge to share with others. But after years of listening to clif and years of working with people i am careful about what i say to people. I wait until there is an opening where they want to listen. Or i give hints and ask a provoking questuon. How would you do if you were snowed in for 2 weeks or  if a big earthquake cut off the electric and roads and trucks couldnt get to the store?


Mostly as a social worker I have had to come to the place where i have to trust Gods plan for people. I believe each of us were born with certain lessons were are supposed to learn. One of the ways you can tell someone has very different karma than you is when their life makes no sense to you. If i offer something to someone and they have no interest in it, what i have to offer is not part of Gods lesson plan for them. It is arrogant to think i know better than someone else what their life needs. If i am really concerned i fall back on, it is people's job to make their own decisions, it is my job to make sure they are making informed decisions. Do they know the potential consequences of their choices? Once i have given them information my responsibility has been fulfilled. Their choices are their responsibility.



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How bad is to interfere in the karma of others?


Unfortunately, that is another one of those questions you need to answer for yourself.  Keep that in mind, and it will get answered when you are ready.



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last night the lights went out...a couple of seconds later, they came back on.


a few minutes later they went out again and stayed out for awhile..


it's a strange situation or maybe unusual is a better word, not to have electricity

and No Idea about it..

with the scheduled blackout we had last fall that lasted 3-5 days, one could get in

their car and find electricity because not everyone had it happened.

last night no idea whatsoever happened, I so just waited. I did use my lanterns

and had them so they were easily accessible.

not a crisis, but it got my attention.

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Hello, my name says who I am. Since the sun disease has shown it's ugly self, I wanted to say hello again. I have had eye surgeries so I am able to see more clearly than before.... literally, not figuratively. Lost my old information so I was unable to sign in and my old email got hacked so I couldn't anyway. Hi guys in the executive lounge.  


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55 minutes ago, UsedtobeUNKEBUBBY said:

I'm still kicking.... not as high, though. Missed you guys, some have passed on and they will be missed deeply. love you all. 


Hello Unk !  Good to see you again !


Glad to hear the eyes have improved. Yes, we've sadly lost a few of the old stalwarts. Sigh....


Make sure to come on over to the smoking lounge when you've got a chance. :)

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1 hour ago, UsedtobeUNKEBUBBY said:

I'm still kicking.... not as high, though. Missed you guys, some have passed on and they will be missed deeply. love you all. 

Shoot me a PM Unk and we'll get you readmitted to the private side.

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Stephen Winterburn

Hi everyone

My name is Stephen Winterburn and I've just remembered how difficult it is to do these kind of things.

I'm a 61 year old electrical engineer from Leeds in Yorkshire, England. I discovered Clif in 2017 and bought his web bot report to study although I must admit I found it a difficult read at the time something made me stick with it and through watching Clif's videos on YouTube I began to understand some of his work and appreciate it. Discovered this forum when looking for Clifs videos when a link wouldn't work which I think was YouTube taking down his work( cencering). Thanks to anyone who reads I'll be visiting as and when I can at the moment I have lots of time to fill.

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