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Hall of Mirrors


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Does it have to be either/or? What if I say "yes" and "yes", and everything in between? Somebody always remembers, but sometimes its just a very few. The monuments survive, but not always their interpreters.


There are cycles of cataclysms, in which we lose huge swaths of our collective identity to shock and trauma. Whole peoples are depressed for generations before they can reassemble themselves out of their post-traumatic shock. This will be reflected in their national or tribal myths, and therefore can effect future generations for millennia.


There are also circumstances that allow advantage to be taken, where one group gets ahead of another and uses their edge to manipulate the environment to the detriment of the loser.


Nature allows those circumstances to happen unhindered, and most of the time the wiser members of the tribe invent a mechanism whereby everybody gets together and levels out the playing field.


But once humanity gets into huge anonymous polyglot population centers, we start to ruin our environment, we become a plague on the land. Without being forced by external threats and punishments, many people will let their conscience lapse. Right now we don't have enough shamans in force so everybody's walking around spirit-blind, spirit-deaf and spirit-dumb.


What I see is that humanity and Nature are simultaneously


1) wide-open to whatever is falling out of the sky,


2) plagued by our own devolutionary members, that we can't bring ourselves to purge out,


3) also vulnerable to the occasional aeonic catastrophe that "bombs us back to the stone age".


Plus of course, each soul has its own individually-created karma they are living through as well. We all are sharing a marvelous hall of mirrors, making it infinitely more amazing that people like us might find each other in the outer-world maelstrom we live in....


The only explanation I can see is that we are brain cells for a vast cosmic mind, that is wirelessly networked via electromagnetism. Always both particle and wave. Changing yet immortal. The shimmering Net of Indra. We have all been sent here to find each other and amplify certain necessary frequencies.


By that measure, Clif is the homing signal and tractor beam that called us all to this place. Now what shall we do with ourselves?


We are also still graced by genius, we haven't totally lost our unique capacities, so we can still occasionally find a "sweet spot" and reproduce Eden, at least for a given location. If enough of us think about how to endow their local ecosystem with survivability, we can make this transition with some grace.

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We create what we focus on the most. So it's up to us to adjust our focus and multiply what we want to see emerging.

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The part about the mirrors reminds me of the following:


“There is a story they tell of two dogs.

Both at separate times walk into the same room.

One comes out wagging his tail while the other comes out growling.

A woman watching this goes into the room to see what could possibly make one dog so happy and the other so mad.

To her surprise she finds a room filled with mirrors.

The happy dog found a thousand happy dogs looking back at him while the angry dog saw only angry dogs growling back at him.

What you see in the world around you is a reflection of who you are.”

~Unknown Source


We, humans, are like that too.

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Sounds good in the speaking but seems we that live on earth just need to get through the learning curve.


That’s why we came here I assume. To learn whatever is our challenge in the harshest of conditions.


If we are responsible for our own creations, are we that bored with heaven and nothingness that we came to a beautiful and volatile planet to wake up?


Wake up Nonin, wake up (y’all) It’s time to wake up.

The game is nearing the end. For everything that started, was born, must have an end.

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Ok, well, this thread had a brilliant start but then became a stub. Where were we going with this?


Themes raised so far are that we are collective mind, using Clif as a homing signal. His outreach has attracted us to make contact with the collective 'being' that is pulling the genius out of the individual members of this group.


From that came the reminder that we are each reacting to what we are projecting (very wise thought there).


Then came the karmic issue of "why are we here?" with the suggested answer "learning what we are missing".


jd then puts on the capstone with the all-encompassing, all-blinding image of THE LIGHT.


Since then, we have had 5 months to marinade in these ideas. Where are we now?


My tendency is to personalize, and check in with my own tiny universe that bobs like a bubble in our common puddle.


I'm attracted to the fact that Clif is serving as a kind of anti-guru whose transmissions remind us not to focus on any external savior beyond our own common sense. Folks can't agree with everything that he says, since he's not 100% right every time by any means, but his influence stirs us up enough and opens up enough pockets of questioning that we can't keep our minds in the furrows the PTW have cut for us to occupy.


I'm also seeing this group as an aggregator for excellent ideas. There are multiple threads that abound with great information to make practical changes in our private lives. We all come from different backgrounds, generations, exposures and locations, so the diversity that's available is stunning.


My visits here also serve as a focusing lens for learning "how the other half thinks". Since I consider you all family, it's like being at a very large dinner table, overhearing the conversation. I mostly want to be a fly on the wall and take in the overall picture, because that way my own attachments aren't triggered, so I can be more objective and learn about "what IS", instead of always marinading in what "I think it is".


Magically, this group (following the Hall of Mirrors title) is actually a time capsule that allows each one of us to speed up our personal evolution and make greater leaps while saving steps along the way. Using my own example over at the Gardening thread, I get multiple seasons' worth of encouragement and awakening by reading everybody else's experience. People think that I'm some kind of gardener (lol! permanent beginner is more like it!) but a lot of what I have figured out is due to lots of reading, both in books and here. I mosey around to dedicated gardening websites looking for expert's experiences too, but my daily yoga is to come here and see how everybody else is getting along.


Here is also one of the few places I confess my thoughts, which really helps me focus my mind. Back to the gardening metaphor -- My hubby doesn't really care about the gardening part of the garden, only that there is enough of what he wants to make for dinner tonight. He's not interested enough to want to chat about it. All the process part is left to me, but (being who I am) I can only really settle on a plan of action through reviewing all the pros and cons while examining multiple possibilities as they are deconstructed and reconstructed in my imagination. By having this community to brainstorm with, I can take advantage of those who are willing to share both their successes and their failures. Literally, every time somebody describes their experiment and tells of their results, I get to short-cut a mistake I was about to make. Seasons of wasted effort can be skipped over in a heartbeat as I distill the lessons embedded in others' posts. I'm so grateful!


These are my insights into our Hall of Mirrors, and the effects that we have on each other, even at this distance and without literal contact. How has the forum been working for others?

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A spiritual experiance is differnt than a spiritual awakening.


The first awakening is a series set of Intimacy. Said slowly.. into me i (eye) see. The first awkening is all about mirrors.


The second awakening is series set of windows.. beyond me i see.


The third awkening is a series set of doors. Beyond me i be.


Some doors open and some close...people and situations are examples of doors...some close because the lessons within the room's they provide access too have been exhausted and are no longer necessary...


The 4th awkening is.....well... cant give ya all the answers.. ruins the suprises.


And its not up to me to tell ya everything.


Good thread though.

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Those running the show know this. Geez, the International Court of Justice is in the Hague - Hall of Mirrors....they couldn't be more in your face about it.


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We create what we focus on the most. So it's up to us to adjust our focus and multiply what we want to see emerging.


To an extent... we can influence the enviroment around us. Rememeber the 2. The 2 is, you and all that is not you.


Whatever holds your focus, has yoU in its grasp. Its a catch and release..


Also it is good to rememeber that the eye only see's at 60-80 frames per second... andything that is moving faster than that or vibrating outside detection will not be recognised...the 3rd eye rest in the sinus cavity, takes some time to develop it.. it sees waaaaaay faster tha 60-80 frames per second.


Thought is faster than light. And at the quatum level observation displaces data with site. 'Love at first bite'. Hmmmmm.


Have a good day.

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