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Greece City/State from the Reports

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Immediacy Data Intelligence Report


IDIR 2013 02-14

...During this period of time also we have, not related to that, but temporally concurrent with it, indications that this is when our first of our new Greek city states will set themselves up, or they've already set themselves up and apparently what we're going to see is, over the next say 14 days to a month, we'll be seeing mainstream media stories about this particular Greek city state and their success and it will be built around the local or counter currency and they will actually draw, as I say, some real interest in how they are approaching things, because they are going to be the first success around there.' And it's going to really irritate the banksters because however it's being done it's not – they're not able to be influenced by the EU, the euro and the bankster occupation of the planet...



Immediacy Data Intelligence Report


IDIR 2013 02-28

...So that's fairly interesting there, and also cross-connected through shimmer linguistically, and I'm not going to go there because it goes through 3 or 4 different languages over to this other area, but cross-connected over through shimmer and solar issues, we have a Greek city state that is going to be popping up here really quick as a cohesive unit apparently. And I don't know whole city, it may be that there's a block or a borough or some small subset of a city that's going to decide, well, that's it, they've had it with the EU and basically go off on their own, their own currency, manage their own affairs, even apparently set up their own waste treatment system, and it's going to be the waste issue that's going to get the EU all upset somehow, because these people are going to take some kind of a new approach to dealing with pollution and waste and stuff. There's a cross-connect here to botanicals and fungi so maybe they're going to do something unique that's going to irritate the EU and they're just not going to take it when the EU tells them to stop. The Greek city state here, I would say that these guys are gonna balls to the walls kind of thing. It truly looks like barricading against an active EU military intimidation. I won't say warfare or anything, or shooting and so forth, but it sure looks like the EU is going to try and intimidate this small Greek enclave militarily. And what I see as the point of contention here within the data, looks like these guys come up with a new way to (laughing) to strengthen the plant?? that's very effective and involves plants and irritates the EU government, so that's interesting. (25:58)


But cross-connected through there... oh I see what's going on... oh, okay. The waste treatment... oh okay, again plant. Okay, it may be that what we're looking at here is a derivative failure in which money was sought for a waste treatment facility, and that waste treatment facility payment is going to be repudiated or abrogated or in some way discarded. That's going to cause an issue up the chain of financing, because it's apparently a key pivotal area, and that's what sets off the issue with the EU. So that makes a lot more sense, because it involves a lot of stuff here with derivatives which cross-connects back through the bankers, which cross-connects back through breakdown, which goes all the way back over to Britain. Maybe there's a British bank involved in this derivative scam or something. It's going to come out in.. there's a political subset to the... in Britain to this Greek city state's actions over this next week, week and a half, and the British response, whatever, is maybe 2 to 3 weeks out, so mid-March. Going to be interesting to watch that. (27:12)....



Immediacy Data Intelligence Report


IDIR 2013 03-07


...As an aside there, there is also shifts back from that subset of the Just-In-Time Delivery System back over to Greece, back over to the Greek city-state that is somehow going to be politically isolated by the EU because it's going to distress the European Union operator class of people. It may be that this Greek city-state is also somehow isolated by weather events too, because there's some small association there, but actually much more for a geo-political kind of response. There are also Greek to USA populace cross-links that are forming and I don't know what those mean there. It's a very new set, so we'll have to come back and look at that next week and see if it continues to develop, assuming that it's meaningful there. (52:14)...



Immediacy Data Intelligence Report


IDIR 2013 03-21


...Now, getting back because there's so much of the language goes to the money, anxiety and so on, we need to address that because it's coming up in a different form over here relative to the global crises. It looks as though we are hitting a new crises in the global banking, systemic meltdown, whatever. Okay, so it looks like there's going to be recriminations, cross counter claim law suit kind of thing. Lots of officials being involved. Maybe international officials waving, you know, angry fists at each other over all of these disappearance of monies. We've got indications of yet another attempt to seize money in a different way from Cyprus. A whole town is going to rebel as a result of this. It may be that Greek city state, but I don't know. There's also indicators that there is towns in Scandinavian countries that are going to be involved very atypically. These people are going to be very upset and will react in a way that is not expected of their area. We have all kinds of – I don't know what the cross-link connection is, but there is a number of sets that go to the idea that there is water, maybe a waste water treatment plant involved. Derivatives here. There's a lot of ropey cross-links connecting the financial derivatives to this water whatever it is. This appears to be northern Europe and this town is going to be changed forever as a result of this. And it looks as though we are looking at a descriptor for the breakdown of the massive derivative sets here. I'm going to make a forecast that whatever town is involved, that towns name will become the label for the process of the derivatives being unravelled. So it if was, you know, Goteborg Sweden, we would have the whole process from that point on we would have people say, oh, better watch out, you don't want to get involved with them, you might be Goteborg, you know, or you might get Goteborged, so no offence to the Swedes, but you see what I'm saying. Whatever the town is, you know, if it was Las Vegas it would be, well you don't want to go there you'd be Las Vegased. So we'll turn it into a verb of a non-nice kind based on what happens to this town, relative to the derivatives. It doesn't appear that the town per se is going to be destroyed or anything. Just that their name will be associated because they'll be the first spot where the people go and repudiate. That really does appear to be what it is. The town just says to hell with it. Some assholes a few years back signed an agreement on this derivative thing, but it doesn't mean anything to us, we're repudiating it. We are going to destroy the document, and you all see what you can come and do about it. That repudiation appears to involve a national level of officialdom that doesn't like this reaction on a town level. This could happen in the United States. We don't have any indicators that it won't but there are a number of indicators that seem to suggest Europe, and again in an atypical area. It just comes out of the left field, no one expected this particular area to be involved with this sort of a reaction to these derivatives going blooey apparently, or putting pressure or something on 'em, and it's such an abstraction that the individuals within town decide that this is not socially healthy for keeping their society in tact and that they don't have to abide by this. (1:18:52)


Now, interesting about this is we are getting an indicator for a personage will arise from this. A personality will come up out of the ranks of this crisis who will have a tremendous influence in the society thereafter. So we're looking at the rise, actually this is very curious. We are looking at the rise of an individual to global fame, at the same time that we are also looking and within the same crisis basically, triggered by anyway, the death of a very famous individual. Now the person who will rise in this crisis will do so because of their individual virtues that are described, and because of the achievements that they manage to pull off with the other people around them and how, I guess, synchronized, how coordinated, how clean the effort. It comes off as, you know, this individuals efforts, come across as basically being described here as artful. I guess you'd have to say it's a very artful response to a very negative situation will propel this individual out of the crises, into the national media. And we'll all be better for it apparently, so this is cool. This is good. (1:20:17)...

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What great work searching the archives! How did you do that?

Very nice; Thank-you.


Some have better searching capabilities than others. I had computer problems and lost many of the files when I started over on a new machine.


How long have you followed Clif?

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