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Structured water?


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I'm looking for a structured water cup or device, and I clicked on many of the links for Intersteller, and all the links are broken.  Can you still buy these products?  If not, does anyone have any resources for 3d printer files?  My husband has a Dremel 3d printer.  Thank you!

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We sold the name Interstellar.com to a crypto company and are now https://DurandInterstellar.com


If you're in the west, your computer may tell you we're some sort of evil site.  We're not but there's nothing we can do about what unfriendly countries say.


We are temporarily shut down but will be selling structured water devices again hopefully mid 2023.  At the moment we can't ship to anyone in the west due to sanctions the west has implemented.  But, if you're in a friendly country we should be able to ship to you once we restart production.


One note, all sales are in rubles, but we may be able to assist with converting currencies.

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8 hours ago, sophia said:

Thank you! Please keep me posted when you are up and running again.  Do you take bitcoin?


Not at the moment.  There's some issues with dealing in crypto for our company.  Laws are changing and it looks like crypto will be ok in the future.

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