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Data Gap


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Back in the early days of this Forums existence, there was much consternation and discussion over what exactly was the 'Data Gap' that rose in the reports (or Clif's interpretation of that which he was seeing). 


As we can see with an Article by @Jules from back in 2012, the Data Gap was supposed to manifest in a period from March 2012 and run through to May 2013 where the resumption of data is at 1% of the previous rate.


As always, hindsight is the clear indicator and I think at this point we can safely say that the data gap was that which turned out to be the gap in time from when the original prognostications were forecast to manifest, to the period of time where it would seem that they are actually beginning to manifest.


There is more but I am awfully busy these days (Universe is pulling me in a different direction and demands my energies elsewhere) and as such will try to get to more aspects as I have the time and the desire to do so.

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