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The world has become so polarized, that everyday common sense has gone completely out the window. Context is not able to be understood and that becomes beneficial to those who wish to push their own agenda.  


Case in point...


Kyle Becker Tweeted the following:





While the headline, “We are Not Going to Fire Any Employees Over This” was indeed what was said on the video except, in context. It is not entirely clear that he was speaking to the vaccine mandate and whether or not they were going to be firing anyone because of non-compliance. More so, in the greater context, he was speaking to the fact that their company would not be firing anyone for the staged sick-out. In fact, when Stephanopoulos suggests that the flight disruptions were due to resistance to the vaccine mandates, Gerry Kelly stated that there is no evidence of that. Which further underlines the fact that he was not speaking directly to a staged vaccine resistance and the implied headline.

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