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The People are Happy


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The ppl are happy!


The harder they lock us down, the happier the ppl get. 


I am a very isolated person. So lockdown doesnt effect me much. But I've noticed...... the more they lock us down, the happier the ppl get.


No, its not a brain wash thing. Its a, ha, guess what, Im out and about and Im allowed ... thing. 

I get to be here, and i am complying with ridiculous rules, and ur complying with ridiculous rules, but we are still here. 


Hmmmm.. let me expand this further. 


We, in my part of Australia, are happy. We, who i see in my environment, are pleased to see you. We like you, and we care about you. The rules are of no consequence to us. Put a mask on us, so?. Tell us not to ....oh ok ... we will anyway. Whatever. We will be nice. We will comply. However, we dont care.


You can not kill the humanity in us. 


I suspect many are being naughty naughty and not complying in every day life. I know whenever I meet a stranger in their own home, they never wear a mask. 


We are happy anyway. Is it because we are all being naughty? 



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Good day, Kifree.


Welcome. I don't come down here very often, but your post caught my eye, in the private section boards.


Just so I can get the right image in my head, are you a bloke or a sheila ?


Great post. Keep on keeping on.


I look forward to more from you.


All the best.


Pneumo in Whoop Whoop.

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Glad to have you along, Kifree!


There are plenty of all types here at the WBF, and everybody wonderfully eccentric. You'll fit right in no matter what the cut of your puzzle parts.


 I consider it one of the great liberations of the internet age to be able to appear as a consciousness and a soul, rather than a collection of physical attributes.


Even though all the variety is the reason we came to matterium, still it is our common humanity where we take refuge, in hearts going out to each other.


Thanks for the wonderful reminder of the simpleness of things. 



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Ah, thanks. My bad. I'm a bit slow....:)


Spent a very good 12 years in Church City in SA. Both offspring and DIL are still there. Very worried for them all.

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hmmmm ..... 

i like to keep it simple. 

It is my view, that it is quite simple really. 

Dont worry about all the bits and rabbit holes. Stop letting it get so hard. 

We are a part of the whole. (sorry ppl, i dont get the 'we are one' thing). But i do understand that we are all part of the godhead. 


over 20 years ago i had a thing happen to me .... rather .. i asked for it.. but didnt know what i was asking for. A bad thing happened. I couldnt cope .... it wasnt that it happened to me, but i had to be responsible for it anyway. I woke up one day, walked to my back door, opened it and said "God help me". The next thing i knew, there was no-thing, there was no time, there was no gender, there was no .... .... anything. Just ME, and the Whole. 


When i thought about my daughter, i came crashing back. 


I laughed and laughed and laughed. Mostly because the experience was terrrific, amazing. But also because, guess what.... I was right. It is true. I always knew it was true. It is true. 



A lot of things have happened since then. 



But its true. 


Life is Real. 

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