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Ill Winds - Public Version


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Again, there is a thread on the private side but I wanted to bring a portion of that discussion to the public side because I know there are many of you that do not get to see the private side of the forum and even more will not sign up to post to get there so... here are the relevant portions from the July 21st 2009 ALTA TSOTTC v0i1. Adjust certain specific linguistic terms to fit todays reality and the interpretation may be relevant to happenings upon the world stage today.


In this portion, Clif lays out several interpretations of the data for possible manifestations of the data back in 2010. As he mentions in this section, what ultimately manifests may be some blend of the different scenarios plus other aspects that he could not possibly see or interpret then. 


The entire report is worth a reread or an initial read if you haven't. You can find the report, in it's entirety, here


Enjoy (if that can be the proper word here).


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DSA11 Pg. 17-28 of 47


GlobalPop – 2010 - World(s) Up Ended


Prelude: Orchestra tunes up…

Our data sets are continuing to rhyme with clues in manifesting reality that are forecasting a [new war] this coming [fall/2009(September 21->)]. This [new war] sub set is complex, and very convoluted. At a primary level, the [new war] is totally dominated by cross links from TPTB (the Powers that Be) entity. At the secondary level of support, this is also true, with extra support coming in from the Markets entity. It is not until the tertiary level of support is reached that differentiation within the mass of data sets provides a view of developing threads or trends.


The [new war] arriving this Fall (2009) is clearly, at its core or primary level, a [war] between the [TPTB] and the rest of [humanity]. The data sets are explicitly clear that the [combination (of manifesting circumstances)] will be going toward the end of [planetary population level reductions]. In all levels of our interpretation of the data, this same theme appears in the top level descriptors within all the supporting aspect/attribute sets.


The [war against humanity] is to be [engaged] over the course of [fall]. Actually our data sets show that ‘events’ that will set the stage for the [new war] will emerge over very late Summer 2009, which is to say from about August 16th onward, with a ramp up in frequency of [manifesting circumstances /events] in late September, and then yet another large jump up in late October which leads to the ‘full on’ rush of [disturbing/unsettling events] that will seemingly [fill the year] from November 5th. 2009 through to November 2, 2010.


The [new war] data sets include the [assault (by subterfuge)] on the ‘fronts’ of [disease] as well as the [collapse (due to dollar death)] of the [sophisticated health care systems] in place in the ‘developed’ world. The [new war] will be influenced by the [unknown energies from space], as well as the [spectacular emergence] of the themes we have had in the data for some years under the descriptor of [alien wars]. Additional emotional tensions will be arriving from both [global legislative initiatives], as well as the first [visible] signs of [organized (and effective)] resistance to TPTB. The [new war] will also involve [extremes (in) propaganda], especially in the [usofa] and [britain], and [france].


The [new war] sub sets also include a conjunction of sets of [press] and [legislative] and [disease] that suggests the [minion classes (aka politicians)] at some level globally will [attempt] to [imprison] those persons who will be [declared (by law)] to be [dangers (to the public)] due to their [expressions] against [forced medical procedures]. The data suggests that [laws] will be [proposed ], though not necessarily enacted, which will make it a [crime] to [refuse a medical procedure], or to [speak/advocate (refusal) of medical procedures]. The reason used for the [promulgation (globally)] of these laws will be cited as [public safety].


There are several interpretations for the data sets forecasting the emerging reality of [new war (against) humans] this Fall. These interpretations are not mutually exclusive, and given how manifesting circumstances usually develop, it would not be surprising to find a blend of these interpretations actually emerge.


Act One:

Interpretation number 1/one for [new war] in which the [zionist forces (alliance)] will [attack] the [persia/iran national infrastructure]. These data sets have had a descriptor labeled the [israeli mistake] for several years. This data set includes supporting aspect/attribute sets that have maintained for several years that the [attacking forces] will be [surprised/startled/shocked] at the [reception] that meets their [intrusion]. This [attack/intrusion] is described as taking losses that are [greater than half] within the first [few minutes] of the [war]. The [attack] is [met/received] in a [manner/fashion/tactic] that is described as [beyond imagination].


Unfortunately, the [zionist attackers] will continue in their [assault] that will result in a [mistake] of truly global ramifications. The [air assault] (including [drones/missiles]) will be able to get to a [tertiary target] and will [unknowingly] launch an [attack] on this [3rd/third level] target, further described as a [crop yielding field], that will result in a giant [mistake]. The data sets describe the [assault] as [producing] a [volcano of ash death] from the [storage facilities] under the [field]. This [volcano of ash] is described as [spewing forth] for [weeks].


The [ash death] is described as being so [radioactive] a [material] that a single [dust mote] being [inhaled] will produce [violent death (through) anal/internal bleeding] and [bleeding from the mucus membranes]. This [death form] has aspect/attribute sets in support of [death dancing] in which the [afflicted] die so [painfully] that their [last hours] are spent [writhing] as their [bodies (enter into/are consumed by) corruption/internal rot] and distorted by the [internal coagulation].


Not to put too fine a point on it, and actually anticipating being wrong, nonetheless, the data accretion patterns forecast an [attack] at a [fluid storage facility] in Iran, likely [underground] which produces the [radioactive eruption] of [particulate matter] so fine as to be [carried on the jet stream]. This [river of radioactive death] is described as [rounding/traveling around the planet] for [9/nine times] before essentially being [exhausted]. Within the first time around the planet, the supporting aspect/attribute sets are forecasting that [200/two hundred millions] will [perish/die]. These [deaths] will begin in [india] and continue across the breadth of [south east asia], and then go up across the [sea of japan] and the [eastern coast] of [siberia]. The [death laden airs] are then propelled across the [ice straits] over to [alaska], and then down the [west coast] of North America. The supporting sets are indicating that [2.2 (two point two) millions] will [die] on the [west coast] of the USofA within this [first pass] of the [radioactive jet stream]. The [deaths by inhalation] then proceeds across the American [south west] and then *either (status still unclear) proceeds diagonally across the continent and exits in the [north east], *or the [jet stream] will [layer particulate death] across the [south] and then turn to progress up the [eastern sea coast] of the USofA. It exits the North American continent in [far northern canada], and then skirts the [arctic circle] to come down over the Faroe Islands, [greenland], [scotland], and into [europe]. At this point the data suggests that the [jet stream] is [bifurcated] with a smaller [diversion] or [creek (of the) jet stream] which heads into [russia and china] after crossing the [french and suisse alps], while the main, and larger mass of the [jet stream] crosses down over Europe and then turns along the [north african coast] to once again cross the [middle east] and head back toward the [still smoldering (and) radioactive ruins] in [iran].


Then the still [death laden] jet stream starts back and repeats this process for an additional [8/eight] passes for a total of [9/nine] times around the planet. The data suggests that [200/two hundred millions] will [die] directly from [inhalation death], but that is not the true horror of the situation. The resulting [poisoning] of the [bread baskets] and [food producing regions] of the [northern hemisphere] by this [jet stream of particulate death] will contribute to a [planetary famine] that will exceed anything that imagination may conjure up. The whole of the [planetary food body] will be [disturbed], and [destroyed (in large regions)]. The [farming of livestock] will cease in the first [3/three months] of the [passing death streams] as it becomes known that [food animals] are themselves [polluted] by [radioactive death]. This change forces most of the formerly [developed countries] to go to [vegan diets], though by that point it will be too late for over [1/one billion] people who will already have consumed [contaminated flesh]. It is actually this wave of a [billion dying] and the [food crises] that drives the next emotional wave of [secrets revealed] and [revolution] which results in extreme [human on human] violence as [revenge] against [priests] and [bloodline freaks (aka monarchists and bilderbergers)] leads to the [planetary pogrom].


In attempting to validate the impression being presented by the data, we will examine the entities involved from differing directions within the data sets. In doing so with the GlobalPop entity, specifically for the Spring and Summer of 2010, the view is not encouraging. The data set that is the dominant aspect/attribute set when considered from total emotional value sums is headed by the descriptor of [winds], and further the primary support and modifier for this data set is [extremely high altitude] which again would be yet another way of describing the [jet stream]. As we examine from yet other perspectives such as the sums of all the cross links by layer of support, the data yet again presents a dominance for [winds], though with the inclusion of the SpaceGoatFarts entity, this sum for [winds] is almost equaled by [unknown energies from space]. In the secondary support position for both views of [winds] as a sub set, the dominant aspect/attribute sets are headed by [strong] and [storms], and [wrecks (marine)] and [wrecks/destruction (terran/land based)], and [harm (to people] from [wild winds] and [contained/carried (by) winds]. Further this area also contains tertiary support from [dangerous conditions], and [death (by) disease)]. {ed note: separate from the ‘swine flu disease’ sub set or the [disease from destruction (of) health care (by dollar death)]}. At lower levels of support, the linguistic sets are dominated by [small particles] or [impact (of winds) through (what is) small].


In the years following 2009, the data sets are forecasting that as a direct consequence of the [ash death], the [food chain] or [food body] for the [planet] is [disrupted]. The [global famines] which manifest cause a truly [massive (or epic)] level of [diaspora]. This area has internal cross links to sub sets for [flames], and [fires] over to the Populace/USofA entity, and the Terra entity. Some of these sets, especially when taken in conjunction with the [change events] sub sets in the Terra entity, suggest that [200/two hundred millions] of the north American [populace] will become [refugees] moving [north] into [Canada]. Much of the language in the Terra entity suggest that it will be a [rush (to get above the) 50th parallel of latitude]. There are a number of pressures for this [diaspora] north, including famine, war, and planetary upheaval.


Please Note: there exist several alternate interpretations for the data as it is being presented by the GlobalPop entity. It could be a case of [cuban missile crisis linguistics] as is discussed below. It could also be a case of deliberate memering by TPTB in order both gain acceptance of an Israeli/American strike on Iran, as well as to promote the [fear] of the same {ed note: fear as a tool in their efforts at global control}. These linguistics could also be indicating exactly as the data suggests at a primary level, that is [israeli war with iran], but that the detail layers used are NOT applicable to the actual outcome and at best only represent a potential of probability which cannot be accurately judged. This last is the ‘fogs of war’ issue. That is to say, that a war could be instigated by zionist forces, and from there on the data we have does show up within the language that will ultimately be used to describe the events of this war, but not in the order, nor outcome that has been selected from our data sets. Hmmm… yes these are weasel words, partially as we here at HPH have a very difficult time accepting that the zionists actually will murder yet more millions, and partially as the detail layers of data under the primary linguistics are both huge in size and very hot emotionally which increases the chances that the forecast is incorrect. That is to say, that the sheer amount of language showing up around this concept makes it particularly difficult to extract meaningful examples without receiving a false picture. Again, the data sets are massive, and the spread of language within the data is also large, so the ‘odds’ increase on the size of the set, that the finite examples that we have time and energy to view will be the “right/correct” sub set from which to interpret. A very lengthy way of saying that there is a probability of some significance that we have gotten this wrong. If ever there was a set we hope to get wrong, this is it.


However, if we are not wrong, or are only inaccurate in some respects, the outcome will increase the problems facing terran humanity over these next few years.


Act One: Alternate Opening

Interpretation number 2/two for [new war] in Fall of 2009 involves the [staged release] of the ‘swine flu’ this past Spring, and its rapid mutation over Summer (northern hemisphere). As the [virus] has moved extensively into the Southern hemisphere, and is already showing increased [impact] and [lethality], this particular interpretation is seemingly gaining support from universe on a daily basis.


Within this interpretation, the [zionist] war against [iran] is *only a [propaganda campaign] designed to [distract] the [populace] from the actions of the TPTB in their [assault (on the population of earth)] by [disease]. The idea coming from the data sets in this interpretation still acknowledges the [particulate (material)] in the [jet stream], as well as the [pan planetary movement] of the [death] from the [high winds], though the [minute particles] in this interpretation are the [virus lifeforms] rather than [radioactive dust]. In this scenario the [immanent threat], and [palpable fear] created by the [public threats of zionist nuclear eradication] of Iran are used to [raise the fear] levels within the [planetary populace]. This [fear mongering] around [nuclear war] is a deliberate tactic of TPTB in their [effort/plan] to [force or trick] the [populace] into taking the ‘vaccines’ against the [lesser (slightly) threat] of [deadly disease]. The rationale in this interpretation is that the [brinkmanship] of the [nuclear war threat (between zionists (Israel and slave state USofA)] will act as both a [distraction] from the [disease tactics], and to [augment] the general level of [fear] within the [populace] in an [attempt] to [panic] the more [mind controlled] of the [populace] into [accepting TPTB control (vaccine)].


Within this second alternative the data sets of [winds] are *still seen as the [carrier] for [death] in the form of [millions of small particles], albeit in the form of [air born particulate viral cells]. Again, in this interpretation, the [winds (very high altitude)] still are seen as [raining death] for [9/nine passes (around the planet)]. Again, in this interpretation, the [death (from the) winds] causes both [populace deaths] as well as [contamination] of the [animals (used for) food].


In this latter instance, the language around the [fires] and [burning] is still applicable in several forms. As an example the [burning (as death cause)] is now related to [lung collapse (due to viral infection)] rather than [radioactive dust]. A further example is the [fires] and [burning (of) food] still persists only in this form the [burning] is of [animals] believed to be [carriers] or [contaminated] by the [viral diseases]. Soooo….yet another interpretation for the high confidence values of the descriptor sets and primary supporting layers going to [winds] and [high winds (bring death) 9/nine times (around the) earth].


The movement of the GlobalPop entity along with modelspace through the Fall of 2009 shows accretion patterns of aspect/attributes in support of the [disease (attacks/assaults)] *even if the [zionists wage war on Iran]. However we note that within the detail layers there exist linguistic sets which could provide yet another component to the whole [emotional release/tension trauma] that is Fall, 2009. These data sets could be interpreted as forecasting that the [israeli mistake] will not only cause [national grief] in [israel] as the [zionist armies] are [crushed] by [worldwide/global opposition], but also that the [mistake] of the [zionists] in their [attack] on Iran causes a [reverberation] within [TPTB(the powers that be)] and within the [minion class]. These data sets being interpreted are, in the main, participating in the meta data layers of [duality], and [revolution], as well as [transformation]. These data layers provide hints that a [backlash] against TPTB as a direct [consequence] of the [israeli mistake] might occur due to the [cowardice] of their [minions] who, when faced with [mob action /violence/incarceration/death/disemboweling], are described as [recanting innocence], and [claiming duress (by TPTB)]. In essence the data sets are pointing to a period (likely mid to late 2010, past the Summer solstice) when [numbers] of the [minion class/political elite] will actually [name] their [masters] in order to [avoid consequences].


Noting that our data sets have in-built bias toward negative extremes, it is nonetheless pertinent that the data sets are suggesting that [giant/huge mansions/palaces] will be among the many instances of the [fires] that will [burn 2010]. The examples provided within the detail layers of the data suggest that the [TPTB] and their [upper level minions/political elites] will, along with their (mostly) innocent [families] be [consumed] by [fires] that will be [fueled] by [mob rage] and [furniture] and [wax/volatile compounds]. These [death by fire] incidents within the data sets, especially late in 2010 and 2011, when the [revolution] meta data layer rises to total dominance of the entity, are described as being [initiated] or [caused] by what will be labeled as [sticky balls]. These [sticky balls] are described in the details as being concoctions of [wax], and [soaps] and [volatile compounds] which are all [balled (up) together] into a mess that will [stick] to [surfaces] when [thrown]. The use of these [sticky balls (of) fiery death] is described within the data as being [2/two phase], in that first the [target] is [pelted] with [hundreds], and in some cases, [thousands] of these [sticky balls], and then a [source (of ignition)] is applied. This is but a single example of the detail layers suggesting that the [global populace] will be inventing [hundreds] of [new weapons] in their [successful war] against the [TPTB (the powers that be, or were)].


Act Two:

Without regard to which of the 2/two alternative forecasts actually will manifest, and also noting that reality will likely provide a blending of both, or some third alternative, the data sets are still showing the [global famines] at a primary support level in both the GlobalPop and Terra entities, and are independent of the [ash death], which is to say, they are forecast to occur without the extra burden of [radioactive foods]. The Terra entity contains a completely separate linguistic set for [global famine] which arrives not by the [vice of war/blood lust], but rather is indicated to be part of the [solar system stress] experienced these last decades. This separate [global grain crop failure] linguistic set is in support of the [global famines] sub set, and by way of a separate linguistic set of cross links, is also in support of the [cessation (of the) cultivation of flesh (for) food]. Following this linguistic set, the proximate ‘cause’ of the [cessation (of killing animals for) food] comes as a direct consequence of the [collapse (of the) grains plant stocks], which in its turn is supported by [climate shock], and [unknown energies from space], this last indicated by very extensive cross links over to the SpaceGoatFarts entity.


Both directly held and cross linked supporting aspect/attribute sets for [fires], and [flames] are to be found in the Terra entity which also will be contributing to the general ‘fire’ meme as Spring 2010 ends. Some of these ‘earth generated’ [fire incidents] will be [blamed] for the beginning of [famine] by the [power political elite], however, by that time the [credence] of the [minion class] will be all but lost excepting on those directly within [punishment] range. The data suggests that [rumors] at a planetary level will point to [deliberate burning] of [food] as yet another instance of [cruelty] and [slave control] by TPTB (under the ‘explanation’ that the [food was contaminated (by radioactive particles)] {ed note: IF the zionists actually do launch new war on Iran} or [viral contamination], and the display of this [casual attitude] to the [starvation deaths (of) millions] will spark yet more instances of [revenge] merged with [revolution]. It is within this linguistic structure, and its cross links over to the GlobalPop entity, that the [burning] and [looting] of the [vatican/ palace of sorcerers] is forecast for late in 2011. The proximate cause of the [looting] will be [rumors] of a [large cache/stash] of [food]. The [food riots] are indicated to [throw fires] into the [guards/slaves] of the [vatican/ place of sorcerers], and then to [assault] the [barricaded doors]. Even though [thousands of people] will [die] in the [assault] the [doors] will be [breached], and the [inhabitants] of the [vatican] will either [successfully flee] or will be [caught] and [tortured and hung]. Some of the [sorcerers] will be [trapped/captured] and will later be [tried] in [public squares] for [crimes against humanity] including [food hoarding], and [food destruction]. These [priest trials] are shown by the growth of the aspect/attribute sets in support as being [prevalent] after a period of some [months (perhaps as many as 8/eight)]. The [trials] are to be [recorded] and later [stored] for the [re-education effort].


There are some indications of a [bloody battle] as a [minor delay] within the [looting of the sorcerer’s palace (in the vatican)]. In this [bloody battle], the [faithful minions] and [priests] acting in [defense] of the [sorcerers] will produce [banned weapons] including [gas] and [burning fumes]. These will cause the [rioters] to initially [flee], providing the [defenders of the sorcerer’s] some [relief] through the [first day] of the [fighting], but the [burning fumes] will so [scar] the [city], and [kill] so many of the [rioters] that [rage] will bring back a [determined crowd/mob] of [starving people] who will turn the [banned weapons back (upon)] the [defensive positions], and then [overrun] and [slaughter] the [priests/defenders] remaining.


The [burning fumes] descriptor set is replete with aspect/attributes going to the [scorching (of the) lungs] and the [peeling (of the) skin]. These [fumes] are apparently from [emitters] that are [worn/carried] as though a backpack. These [fume emitters] are further supported by descriptors going to [burned (from within) children], and [weak people (half starved)] who will [die] as they [watch their skin peel off]. Harsh for people merely wanting food. But of course, the data sets indicate that they (the rioting starved humans), will be *totally [ignorant/unaware] of just [what secrets] are being [defended so fiercely].


The data accretion patterns are also forecasting that it will be [slaves] from within the [vatican/sorcerer’s place] who will [open] some [hidden doors] and [defeat] the [defenders] from the [rear].


Again it is necessary to note that the [vatican looting] is but a single instance of several examples of [prominent icons/symbols] of TPTB [power infrastructure] that are forecast to be [attacked] by [mobs]. Also, as with some of these other instances, a secondary wave of [emotional reactions] will stem from the [secrets revealed] by the [looting mobs] as the various [safes] and [hiding places] are [discovered and opened]. The [secrets revealed] meta data layer ties together both the Populace/USofA and its [looting of infrastructure] incidents with the GlobalPop entity and its looting of [TPTB] as each will produce yet-another-round of [perfidy] and [egregious crimes against humanity]. The data sets are pointing toward at least [2/two] such [riot/revolution looting] incidents within the USofA {ed note: Maryland has the largest number of associations with both instances} following the March 2010 release period peak. These instances are under longer term value descriptors and so are more likely later in 2010 {ed note: some data points suggest mid November 2010.}. In each of these cases, the resulting [secrets revealed] will participate directly in the [alien wars] theme becoming [manifest (at a planetary level) in late 2010, or early 2011.


It is necessary to note that the [sacking of sorcerer city (the vatican)] is supported primarily by the [global famine] sub set, which has extensive support independent of the [new war (by the) zionists]. IF the data sets relating to the [zionist mistake (of attacking) iran] are a case of linguistic shadowing (see discussion on Cuban Missile Crisis below), the [sacking of the vatican] will nonetheless still be supported by 2/two very large linguistic trends relating to [global famine]. The proximate cause for the [sacking of the vatican] appears as [hunger/famine] at a tertiary and secondary level, and thus has a relatively high degree of confidence behind it.


Act Three:

As modelspace is progressed into 2010, and the [hyperinflation], and the [disease] lexical sets within both GlobalPop and Populace/USofA entities grow through Winter (2009/2010), the data sets indicate that many areas within what is called the ‘developed world’ will begin to experience [breakdowns] in the various [infrastructure systems] that provide for the [support (for the) social body]. These are indicated to include [power/electricity], [fuels (for heating)], [food deliveries], [repairs (to roads/et cetera)], as well as the [health care system], and even [public meetings]. 


The data indicates that [officialdom] will be [pronouncing] and [declaring] a series of [restrictions on movements], as well as the [official curtailment (of) public gatherings]. These [restrictions] will not be blanketing the various countries, but rather are indicated to be [implemented] in [specific] albeit, [hidden patterns]. The [officialdom] {ed note: especially within the USofA, and greater Britain} are indicated to [lay down (a) pattern] that they [hope] will [reduce revolution/revenge] issues by [dividing] the [habitat (of the) populace] into [no-go/travel restricted] [zones]. These [zones of control] will be the [first line of offense/suppression] for TPTB and their [political minions], however the data sets are clearly indicating that [nothing goes as planned] as regard to the [zones for control (of the populace)]. There are apparently [severe/crippling] issues that will arise for the [political elite/fascistas/corporate masters] in [all levels] of their [personnel (for control) structure]. Also, ironically, and even humorous at a universe level, the very [culture of corruption] that TPTB have created globally is indicated to cause their [control structures] to [fail] due to their [minions] actually [following/embracing] the ‘company motto’ of [‘get mine, screw the system’]. As the [zones of control] language rises within the entities over the course of Spring 2010, so do the [bribery], and the [‘fiddle’] lexical sets. These [breakdown] modifiers of [internal corruption (within the TPTB systems of oppression)] are indicated to reach a level of [critical mass] within only a few short [months] such that the [whole zonal control system] is indicated to be [cracking] and [ineffective] in less than [4/four months] of its existence.


As modelspace moves through 2010, the [zones of control] and [restrictions on movement/gathering] begin to [fade] as [issues/problems] for the [populace] just as the [populace] {ed note: special emphasis on the [bereaved] sub set} becomes [real threats] to TPTB and their [minion classes]. The data sets indicate that most of the [rage attacks] from the [populace] over the [crushing conditions] of [disease/death of children/family members (to the PTB flu)] and [economic chaos] and [infrastructure breakdowns] are initially focused on the [minion classes] {ed note: politicians and high ranking corporate people}, but there are also indications that a [cadre (of) old men] who [know (who is responsible)] begin to [respond/fight back] against the [ThePowersThatBe], with [specific families] being [targeted]. The data suggests that by mid Summer 2010, some [spectacular assassinations] will be [very visible], indeed, the supporting aspect/attributes provide for [visibility] so high as to [compel] TPTB to even [further restrictions/clamp downs] on [information], as well as to [clean house] of their [own security services] as it would appear that the [Praetorian guard (top eschalon security staff)] will be involved in [several (more than 3/three)] attempted [palace coup de tat incidents]. Also at this time TPTB entity is indicating that some of TPTB will [seize the opportunity] to [take revenge] or [press their own positions forward] during the [general chaos] by [assassination] of their [rivals]. The data indicates that the [blood letting] and the [ferocity] of the [sophisticated (familial) assassinations] will [shock] the TPTB. The [shock] is indicated to be so [deep] that even organizations such as the [council for foreign relations] {ed note: CFR here in the USofA…known rat/bloodline freak hang out} will be [rendered/boiled down] with the [‘fat’] coming to the [surface]. This area very much participates in the continued growth and rapidly rising [visibility] of the [alien wars] meme that seemingly reaches its most visible plateau in late 2011.

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I remember reading this, Who would think that it would just be about 11 years off. but all of these things are not tied to dates, but related sequences may be.

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3 hours ago, Pylortes said:

I remember reading this, Who would think that it would just be about 11 years off. but all of these things are not tied to dates, but related sequences may be.

It would seem that many of the prognostications are manifesting, or rather... the general overtone is hitting, while other aspects are potentially in the offing.

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