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Flat Earth


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19 hours ago, BonusMcBonus said:

Hi All, In one of Clif’s videos he talked about navigation and how that disproves a flat earth. 
I was hoping someone could point me to that video?



Hi @BonusMcBonus


Not sure I know which video that was. I tried to do a cursory search here but came up short (search function is not the best). Hopefully one of the other members can help you out, it has been discussed at some length.

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The simplest thing to do is look into celestial navigation, where you see sailers pointing a sextant at the sky.  This couldn't work if the earth wasn't round-ish.  For navigating at sea, it's normally good enough to assume the Earth is a perfect ball since you only need to get near land to switch to visual navigation.  The math for the modern version was worked out in 1837, there's no secrets, anyone can look it up.


GPS (& Glonass and Beidou) use a much more accurate model of the Earth called WGS84


again, no secrets.  Anyone is free to check the math and pull out a telescope to verify things.


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This is my take at the understanding of some of the puzzle pieces. The Moon isn't real, North Star(Polaris) is right over "The North Pole"(Antarctica), and there is a hole in the North and that is why 72+ countries are guarding it with extremely strict protocols in place. A compass points North on a 2D plane so Earth is not a "Ball" and South would be the "Ice Wall". The Simpsons probably predicted it again The "Dome" and the Moon disappearing, it wouldn't be their first time correct. Also one of the tiny light craters on the "Moons" surface would be Earth. Crater Earth. Like the "Dual Toroidal Vortex" and Earth would be in the middle with a big hole, probably like nature when a mud bubble pops. Different progressions trough ages(<--, Ice, stone ect...) would be when the "firmament" like it said in the bible had broken, and whatever is in "The Outer Space" caused catastrophic events to happen in our history due to frequency changes that where happening as everything matured, and in our ancient "His-Stories" when the firmament would break many times and a "great flood" would happen, every event was different in some way. We have "The Dark Rift" in "The Milky Way" which is probably the "firmament" breaking down, and some of the "falling stars" if not all that we are seeing are parts of the firmament burning up in the "Atmosphere", we also find this "Libyan Desert Glass" which was dated to be over 29 million years old.. This "Libyan Desert Glass" is also part of Tutankhamun's breast plate and is formed in the shape of a scarab, research beetles. There is a lot there so it would take some time to process everything.


NASA (NawShaw which in Hebrew mean to deceive) lie and tell half truths about everything to milk the Normies, and because of their huge budget they can pretty much print any BS crap out to the public and laugh in their faces, all lens' have a curve so you would get a curved image software does the rest they probably use Ultra wide and fisheye lens', and many countries would greatly benefit from this great deception.

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