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There is a thread on the private side but I wanted to bring a portion of that discussion to the public side because I know there are many of you that do not get to see the private side of the forum and even more will not sign up to post to get there so... here are the relevant portions from the ALTA's. Adjust certain specific linguistic terms to fit todays reality and you may see that they might describe what is happening today.


Enjoy (if that can be the proper word here).


The reports can be found at the 'downloads' link in the nav bar.



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ALLALTA1206: pg#'s 59, 62  & 63

Populace/USofA - Refuseniks Lead Revolution

War, by Edwin Starr

Starr had it wrong, but only slightly. There are a few things it is good for, such as reallocating by force,
resources in times of shrinking possibilities/potentials. In that same vein, it is good for reallocating/reestablishing
control over the masses as extragenic forces intrude upon carefully {ed note: if grandiosely}
planned strategies for 'personal/small group' advancement. War is also good for the excitation of waves of
negative emotions and karma upon which feed some of the more loathsome of universe's inhabitants.

Throughout the remainder of Summer, 2006, the Populace/USofA entity is stating that 'war' as a theme will
dominate the manifesting circumstances here in USofA. Not only are the 'restricted movement' and
'encounter with scarcity' meta data layers within this entity leaving the bottom of the 'J' curve before going
vertical, but an additional sharp rise is occurring in the 'duality' layer. While the 'restrictions' and 'shortages'
are to be expected, the rapid step upward in 'duality' was not seen within the previous immediacy value
processing. The nature of the 'duality' and how it may manifest within the social body of the populace of

the USofA is necessarily complex, however the main theme seems to be that a 'rising war body, small,

fractured, pressured' will 'impact/strike' the 'solid/material resistance' of a developing 'peace movement'.
This latter is also shown as being under 'official pressures', but unlike the pressures exerted on the populace
prior to the Bush War against the Iraqi's, there are indications that a 'sell israel' emotional wave will begin
floating through the populace which will 'derail/overturn' the 'push to invade, join war' efforts.

The 'duality' shown within the Populace/USofA entity for the Summer of 2006 is also the 'floor' upon
which the 'revolution' meme will develop over the course of Fall and Winter. There will be significant
pressures brought to bear on the 'revolutionary parties/partisans' within the USofA, including several to be
'imprisoned/pained/killed' according to the modelspace. In this small lexical set we see that the entity is
indicating via cross links to Bushista that a 'reluctant, weak' Bushista will 'obey orders' and 'inflict pain' on
the Populace/USofA in 'retribution' for 'refusals'. This, of course, merely leads to more 'radicalization' and
further popular pressures for 'revolution'.

The modelspace is replete with cross links from the various entities back over to Populace/USofA entity
with the imagery going to a 'failure' of the Bushista policy of 'war and prosperity' or 'bullets and butter'. As
the modelspace is progressed over the course of Summer of 2006, it shows that variants on historical
patterns will emerge which go to 'frustrate' the 'israeli' and Bushista agenda's. Specifically, while the
historical reference for refuseniks goes to the point of Russians of jewish descent, and later migrated to
Israeli military refusing to participate with the required atrocities with which to maintain the occupation of
Palestine, the term will come to be associated with both 'anti-war' and 'anti-Bush', and 'anti-government'
movements within the developing 'revolution' in the Populace/USofA. In a broader sense the lexicon is
showing that the 'refusenik' label will be defined as 'sovereign individuals refusing mass controls'. This is
only the early parts of the process however.

As the modelspace is progressed through the immediacy values for Summer of 2006 and then the short
term sums for Fall, and into longer term values which carry us to the next release period of the Ides of
March, 2007, a shifting within the Populace/USofA entity emerges. This shift is precipitated by the many
forces and wars which are placing pressure on the social order. In fact, the Populace/USofA entity is clearly
indicating {ed note: remember we *always* err on the most extreme side of things linguistically} that the
'social fabric rends/tears', and as a result, 'demons {are} released'. Much of the aspect/attribute sets within
this area go to the idea of 'over-reaction', or the 'return swing of the pendulum'. The latter is the more fitting
interpretation for what is indicated by modelspace in that 'artificial' or 'manipulated' conditions are shown
to be 'free/released' from their 'constraints' and as an expected, even predictable, result, the 'pendulum
swings too/extreme far'. Some of these 'swinging pendulums' are shown as affecting/impacting 'currencies',
'gold/silver', and 'israel'. In the latter case, there appears to be a potential for a 'pogrom' within the
'officialdom' in which a 'burning {of} hidden/secret israeli agents/citizens' will occur. However, this arises
from long term value set and is in the middle of a very complex linguistic construct in which 'revolution' is
more or less causing 'chaos'. However, the 'chaos' will actually be coming from the collapse of the
currencies as the 'usofa dollar' is 'rejected by all'. Mostly the latter appears to come from the Bushista stance
of 'damning/warring' on the 'islamists'. Much of the acceleration of the 'secrets revealed' meta data layer in
several entities begins with the 'conflict' layer in late August. The 'secrets revealed' rise within
Populace/USofA is coincident to the 'final fall' of Bushista over the course of the rest of this year.

Again it is worth noting that the 'plays and conceits' of humans, especially those here in the USofA will be
'interrupted' repeatedly by 'natural processes/events'. This will include very large impacts on the ability of
the 'officials' of the 'usofa' to both 'wage war' and 'control dissent'. Both of these are seen as arising
temporally close to the 'eruption(s)' of volcanoes, likely underwater given the details set. These 'volcanoes'
are either a proximate trigger or merely temporally coincident to the first of the 'revolution' waves against
which the Bushista boat will impact. Mixed up in this stew are the impacts on the populace of 'restrictions'
and 'shortages' which will have already 'hardened attitudes' against Bushista, then the modelspace is
showing that Bushista is 'distracted/impacted/diverted' by 'volcanoes erupting'. During this 'distraction
period' the 'shortages' accelerate to the point that 'armies starve'. Much of this linguistic set starts to appear
within the Populace/USofA entity in mid August.


Thereafter, due to the 'army starving/depleted', the populace takes a 'hard turn' against the 'officials' and
Bushista as a result of 'yet more failure', this time to secure 'against disaster'. Coincident to this lexical set is
one which suggests that a Dunkirk-like effort will spontaneously emerge from the Populace/USofA as the
individuals attempt to succeed where Bushista fails.

Further failures of the administration throughout August and early September set the supports in place for
the first of the 'revolutionary' episodes in early October. It *appears* that this is the one which will be
'suppressed' by 'dictatorial/authoritarian' decree. Hmmm. Not a wise move in the most heavily armed
populace on the planet.

Radicalization, according to the progressed modelspace, follows naturally from 'brutal repression', and the
'blood of the weak' is smelled on the streets. Only a matter of time from that point onward.

Also noting within the chart above that the green box of 'context change' is very heavily supported with
elements of the 'usofa dollar' and its 'demise'. We have shown now for the last 2/two years that 'rejection by
all' of the 'usofa dollar' would lead to '4/four months of hell' in which the 'house burns down', and that
would be the inception date for the 'revolution' which will ultimately lead to the kind of carnage in the
streets not seen in the USofA since the 1890s. In those times, the PowersThatBe used 'extra country'
military 'adventures' to distract the populace from the 'duality' of the times and as a way of draining off
energy from the home-grown 'progressive movement'. It worked, and by 1913 the PowersThatBe were in
the position of dictating the creation of yet-another-central-bank-attempt and the subsequent birth of the
'federal reserve bank note'. All of these karmic themes are now playing out over the course of these next
2/two cycles of 'emotional tension' building and release {ed note: starting in September, 2006}.

However, given the extremes of the times and the nature of the language showing up, it would appear that
'revolution/progression 2006' will be a shockingly graphic manifestation. The imagery for 'bankers lynched'
and 'bodies rotting, burned' and laying in the streets comes up with disturbing regularity. This will not be a
happy time. As the TPTB are now shown as 'victims' of their own karma, they will not necessarily
survive/thrive to re-state history as they did with the 1890's "golden era".




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Due to what may be an important context, I have included the entire Markets section here, with the 'refusniks' portions boldened.


DSA 11: pg 10


Markets – Minions Shudder

As the Markets entity is progressed through the Summer of 2009, the data
sets forecasting a [cracking] in the [happy speak] {ed note: detailed in 709,
909, and 1309} for this period are being backed by emerging circumstances.
Noting the recent theft of [trading secrets] at the core of the banksters cabal,
Goldman Sachs, it would seem that universe is providing for several
possible ways for the other forecast for this period, that is [derivatives as
giant steaming stinking piles of excrement] to be [exposed (as) worthless], to
become manifest. While we at HPH had our sights focused on the [collapse]
of the [grain stocks] globally, and specifically on [bad news for (soy) beans],
and other [commodity crops] that participate in the [interest
rate/commodities options formulas] for [derivatives], universe provides the
[secrets revealed] meta data layer with manifest support in the form of the
theft of source code from GS. This may yet prove a larger impact on the
[derivatives markets] than might at first be apparent.

Our forecast for this last year and a half for Summer of 2009, is that the
[happy speak] would start to crumble in August due to the [derivatives
problems] occurring between the 15th of July and the 16th of August
(inclusive). While not particularly [visible] as they manifest, the [derivative
problems] are nonetheless forecast to cause episodes of [confidence
wavering] in late August through September. The [shattering (of) illusions]
{ed note: the forecast [paradigm shift] into a realization, at least within the
USofA, that [recovery] for the bank based economy is/was an illusion} of
late Summer and very early Fall is forecast as being a [stepping stone] or
[precursor stage] of the [October currency/commodities crises] that will in
their turn propel the [November international crises].

The data sets are continuing to build support under this general picture of a
[derivatives lock-up] followed by a [dip/drop] in [public confidence] in the
[global banking system]. The data actually points to [2/two] events of
[confidence loss] in the immediate future of late August of 2009, and then
again in very late September that continues to grow over all of October and
then into crisis mode in early November. The November 2009 [confidence
crisis] is centered on the [dollar as global reserve] {ed note: in the midst of
global international crisis at the [military], [pharmaceutical revolution], and
[disease] levels.}. The first of these [confidence crises], although it is
[derivative] focused, will also [spark] the next phase of the [dollar
woes/problems] besetting the [markets].


As the planetary [bankster system] reels under the [collapsing roof beams (of
their infrastructure)] over the month of [derivatives lock-up], the [political
elite] globally, but with special emphasis on the [usofa], will also start to
exhibit [fear sweats] in [public] {ed note: likely teevee/video} due to the
[secrets revealed] of their [intimate/illegal/criminal/immoral corrupt links (to
the banksters)].

As the Markets entity is progressed through August with modelspace, the
cross links forming between the Markets entity, sub sets [corruption] and
[banks] and the [banks] sub set in the PopulaceUSofA entity, starts shifting
over to support for a lexical set headed by the descriptor of [lock down].
This descriptor is also active within the [derivatives nightmare (from the
banks point of view)], however by late in Summer, and into early Fall, the
[lockdown] sub set within the [banks] sub set in Markets reaches levels
larger than seen in the [derivatives] sub set. Further the [lock down] sub set
in the Markets entity is connected to the Populace/USofA entity where it
terminates in the [banks], and perhaps more surprisingly in [local (federal)
government offices]. In both cases the [lockdown] sub set within the
Populace/USofA entity is also supported by aspect/attribute sets for
[disease], [pharmaceuticals], and both of these levels of support are
dominated by [revolution] with specific sub sets of [refusal]. A reasonable
interpretation is for some form of not so subtle ‘threat’ to be ‘leaked’ by
TPTB or more likely their [political minions], in which [access to
money/banking] would be suggested to be [at risk] without [forced
medicines]. The detail layers (admittedly the most unreliable of our data
sets) would suggest that the [political elite] would [shut down/lock down]
the ability to have [public access] to such things as [banks] without [proof of
vaccine]. Noting how absurdly impractical such a tactic would actually
prove itself upon implementation, nonetheless the linguistic structures are
pointing to the [threat] of such a [lock down of public access] as yet another
tool of the [political elites].



Parallel to the above sets, and also beginning in late August the Markets
entity suggests [difficult times] for the [pharmaceutical industry] within the
[developed portions] of the planet. The data accretion patterns in support of
these archetypes are all being dominated by [revolution]. These sets include
aspect/attributes at the secondary level of support which go toward
[refuseniks] or [persons who (make a point) of refusing ‘medicines’].
Further the [refusal revolution] relative to the [swine flu] sub sets have
extensive cross links over to the TPTB where they are terminating in the

bespoke [fear] sub set. These cross links also contain details suggesting that
TPTB will [feel afraid] at the [magnitude] and [ferocity] of the [refusal
wave] from the [global populace] in relation to the [swine flu
‘vaccine/medicine’]. Some of the [presumed (more) compliant] populations
will be among the [first] and [loudest] in their [protests], as the [campaign]
is indicated to [be polluted] by [language (around the planet)] this Summer
(northern hemisphere). So the data sets are forecasting that in spite of the
[awareness of increasing lethality] of the virus, the [populace] in the
[northern areas (of the EU, including Britain), Canada, USofA] will [revolt]
over [forced vaccinations] of their [children] or [themselves]. There are
supporting aspect/attribute sets that, at the detail level, suggest such a large
percentage of the populace will go into this with [stubborn non compliance]
as their [mind set], that the TPTB will be [shocked] by the [response to their
strategy]. Further sets support the idea of [shills] or [‘good citizens
promoting official policy] on even the most controlled of official media
outlets will be [skinned (metaphorically) alive] while [on air] by
[refuseniks]. These sets are pointing to this [refusenik revolution] as a prime
and proximate cause of the [pharmaceuticals crises (within the markets)]
over Fall. The damage is not limited to [big pharma] as the [backlash] will
also [settle upon] the [propaganda media]. The rise of the [refusenik
movement] will produce the first of the forecast [shudders] to go through the
[collective minion mass] as it begins to occur to a few of their brighter
members that perhaps TPTB are not as [powerful] and [all seeing] as


As the modelspace is progressed through the Fall 2009, into October, the
‘back story’ on the [derivatives] will once again heat up emotionally as the
data indicates that [banksters] and [promoters/sales men] involved in some
of the [derivatives destruction (of wealth)] over Summer will become [very
anxious] about their [health] and [lives]. The data suggests that [targeted
assassinations] will begin to become [visible] to the [aware observer
(including some of the intended victims)] as [patterns (of) strange deaths]
will emerge in some very [rarified (and) elite ‘professions’]. The data sets
suggest that among some of the [early victims] of this [new war (against
financial enemies)] will include the [sales staff/people] who were involved
in the [float up/creation] of the [derivatives bubbles] over these last
20/twenty years. The data sets accrue in patterns that suggest that [visibility]
of these [patterned targeted killings] will *not be very high, and that most
will be [reported (with a) cover story]. However, there are indications within
detail layers that [several (plural, quantity unknown) intended victims] will

[go rabbit] and successfully evade] their [planned untimely deaths]. This
area is also extensively cross linked over to the TPTB where it terminates in
bespoke [fear], likely that some of these [agents] will have [proof of
perfidy/treachery] in their [possession] as they [go rabbit/flee]. This area is
also indicated as a longer term (45/forty-five days out to 5/five months)
temporal indicator in the form of a series of interrelated events for the next
phase of the [devaluation of the dollar]. These [targeted assassinations] are
also indicated to act as markers for [attacks (on the) press] including several
in [public spaces] in which [‘off duty’ teevee personalities] will be
[challenged] by the [public]. The data sets indicate that these [celebrity press
faces] will not do so well with these [public challenges].

The [devaluation/death of the dollar], in spite of all the verbiage appearing
globally, is indicated to take the Markets, as well as the Populace/USofA, by
[surprise]. The data indicates that this is due to the [epic/monumental] level
of the events involved. The idea is that even knowing it is coming will NOT
prevent the [observer] from [reeling from shock] as the [sheer magnitude] of
the [events (involved)] unfold.

The cross links over to the Populace/USofA and the GlobalPop entities
indicate that the Markets will, at first, not quite grasp what is occurring {ed
note: on or around September 14th through to the equinox on the 21st}. The
Markets entity contains data sets for [stupefaction], and [paralysis], and
[lock down], and [failure (collapse)]. These aspect/attribute sets are in
general supporting the whole of the Markets entity, but by late October will
have very specific impacts on ALL international [trading methods] including
[commodities], and [currencies], and even [energies].

As the [dollar death] is indicated to proceed in parallel with the [developing
international crises] of Fall, it also is indicated to produce [bifurcated
markets] within most of the [developed parts of the planet]. The concept
being described is [gray/black markets] and [official markets]. Further the
[official markets] will be examples of [extreme bifurcation] as they will be
exhibiting both [crushing deflation] and the start of the [hyper inflation] that
is still being forecast as yielding nominal prices of [silver] in USDollars in
excess of [$600 per ounce] in 2010. Further the [hyperinflation] is being
described as [curtailing] the [cheap energy] that used to be used to [heat
homes] in the north, and [cool] in the south. The expectation from the
[hyperinflation] component of the [dollar death (as global reserve currency)]
within the newly arrived supporting aspect/attributes is [several multiples]

of [base costs] will be felt in the [heating and cooling] of [homes] in Winter
2009/2010.. The language is a bit dense, but the impression from the detail
layers would lead to an understanding of several [hundreds of percents]
increases in basic costs for [energy] to arrive by a combination of the
[hyperinflation], as well as the [deflation] over the next few [fiscal quarters].
The [deflation] is expected to hit the [home maintenance *(heating/cooling)]
at several levels, including [reductions in monetary velocity], and [hoarding
(reductions in supply)] of basic [commodities] {ed note: such as diesel fuel}
necessary for the production of [‘down stream’ power]. Further problems
will beset the [housing markets] as the [deflation] coincides with [rising
basic costs] such that [housing (and commercial real estate) values] begin a
very large drop. The values being indicated are staggering and difficult to
comprehend as the data sets point toward a [far greater than half (50%/fifty
percent) drop] in [property values] over these next few [fiscal quarters]. The
[reduction in property values] is described in language so extreme that the
[emotional impact] of the [plunging property values] will [prompt] the [local
legislative bodies] to [publicly consider/propose] the [taxation of churches
(in the USofA) (as commercial, income producing property)] as the [local
tax base crumbles] to what will be described as [woefully inadequate].

It will be this next phase of [dollar devaluation] that is indicated to [crush]
the [local councils/governments] under [excessive mandated spending] and
the [total failure (of the local) tax base]. This area of the Markets entity is
very extensively cross linked over to the GlobalPop and the
Populace/USofA entities where the termination points are within the
[revolution] meta data dominated data sets. The cross links from Markets
entity over to [revolution] dominated data sets ramps up beginning around
November 5th 2009, and grows steadily as modelspace is moved through to
mid year 2010.

In the very early stages of the [hyperinflation] the Markets entity is
suggesting that [food] and [energy] firms will produce a great deal of
[talk/hype] within the [structure (and propaganda)] supporting the markets
[trading paper debt] in general. Further the [excessive promotion (of food
companies)] as the ‘savior’ of the [future of the markets] will be a very very
good temporal marker for the next [step downward] on the rush toward
[international market (trading ability) collapse]. Again, the data sets are
pointing to yet more interrelated supporting threads that will assist in
propelling the [dollar death/collapse] into the [public consciousness] at
nearly global levels of awareness through the last of 2009 and most of 2010.


Within the chaos of the detail layers that accrete to the various entities over
Fall and Winter, and then early Spring 2010, the [hyperinflation] data sets
add large amounts to the emotional tension release values. Not only are these
release values showing up under [new war] (see GlobalPop, and
Populace/USofA), but also under the [planned decrease (in population
numbers –by TPTB)]. Apparently the [release] of the [swine flu/new
disease] is but a single component of a [multiple part strategy]. The data
within the Markets entity suggests that very large [manipulations] of the
[global food futures] markets will be accompanying (and slightly preceding)
the [hyperinflation] of the [USofA dollar]. This is thought, according to the
cross links, to [prepare] for the [starvation death] of [tens of millions
(directly)] while also [preparing] the [victim populations] for [eradication
(by) disease] due to [weakened states] as a result of [inadequate food
supplies]. The data sets confirm the [strategy], and to some extent the
effectiveness of the [population reduction program], but not the end [goal]
according to TPTB. Instead, the primary supporting levels for the [decrease
of populace] descriptor goes to [failure], and [prompted/promoted/propelled
revenge attacks]. There are some significant holes in the [strategy] of TPTB
and their [callous minions (slaves)] that do not bear noting here, however
suffice it to say that [awareness] or [conscious knowledge] of the
[plans/strategies] is already [in place] such that the [attempt] actually will
[produce the proof] that will [motivate millions] within the [global populace]
to [rebel], and [seek death (of TPTB and their minions)]. It would appear
from the Markets entity alone that the [horrific conditions/stories] that
[flood] the [internet] {ed note: from Africa and the Caribbean} later in Fall
and Winter, and especially in early Spring of 2010, will [shatter] all levels of
[understanding (about the) benign dictatorship of TPTB]. This last includes
very large sums of emotional building tension that will dominate events here
on earth and especially within the abstractions of the ‘money’ markets, from
late March 2010, through to mid July 2010 with great [intensity]. It would
appear that the [new wars], and the [burning/fires] of late 2009 (see
GlobalPop below), and the [disease crises] will provide such new levels of
emotional tensions within the populace as a planetary whole as to [rupture]
the [old paradigm] and to [pull (the) populace] into [active revolution/war]
over the course of the last 3/three quarters of 2010. There are extensive
cross links from the Markets entity over to the Populace/USofA entity which
point to the [horrific imagery (of the starvation deaths)] as temporal markers
for the [release of the Sirius poems (against TPTB)] later in 2010. At that
time the [dog poet/canine lyricist] will have [visibility] both by [gestures],

and [tones], and will be [visible] to the aware observer. There are some signs
that [visibility] within the [global media stream (independent reporting)] will
provide [glimpses] of the [poems/language] of the [dog poet] in late July of
2010. Then the [mythic] and [mystic] nature of this form of [revenge attack]
will take a [vacation], and will once again emerge in September of 2010
with the [release of prisoners] of [conscience] by TPTB in apparent [direct
response] to a [threat] to yet again [unleash the dogs] against TPTB.

As the Markets entity is not the expected area of the emotional resurgence of
the [dog poet], the data was carefully analyzed yet twice more “just to be
sure” before preparing this report. While there are a great many reasons for
the [dog poet] references to be placed in either the Populace/USofA entity or
the GlobalPop, or even the TPTB (The Powers That Be) entity, we choose to
leave this discussion at the Markets level as it represents the [first point of
contact] between TPTB and the [downgoing (of the) dog poet].

Please Note: the whole [dog poet] language area is being reported in as full
and meaningful a manner as possible without providing more light than is
needed to observe just the bare outline of events. We like dogs here at HPH
and other than wishing to claim status for foresight of these strange and
‘toothy’ events by providing specific words that will later resonate for the
aware observer as the events begin to unfold around us all, we do not see
any reason to provide more than just the ‘hair of the dog’ at this time. Please
note the language used is very carefully chosen after a lot of debate
internally and careful examination for any possible damage the words and
phrases might cause. We are sanguine about the choices made. These words
will be enough for the aware observer to note (at that future time) that “those
bastards at HPH *were correct after all”, without placing the ‘dog poet’ at
any particular risk.

Please note: the data sets in all the entities where pertinent including
Markets, Populace/USofA, GlobalPop, and TPTB entities, the data sets are
clearly forecasting a massive, global hyperinflation in the prices (especially
in dollars, but not limited to that currency) for foods of all kinds. Please note
that this [hyperinflation] of [food prices] will be composed of several
pressure waves including the [dollar death], and the issues noted in the
discussions below. As the material is presented here, each of the pressures
that will create the [food crisis] over these coming years are presented
individually, however, this is only for the purposed of discussion, and these
pressures will all be active simultaneously (more or less). It will be not

ONLY or MERELY necessary to store food, but to also devise methods for
producing foods locally, and under very adverse circumstances.
Inventiveness, and resource awareness will be key elements in this next
phase of the planetary humanity move into this next decade.



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'refusniks' is sprinkled throughout the entire section of this report.


DSA 12: pg's 19


 Populace/USofA – Hard Squeeze, Bastille d’America, Press
Popped, Barren Sun, Eating Boots

As modelspace is progressed past the last of [disastrous/stressful] Fall, and
into Winter of 2009/2010, the [government] of the USofA, as directed by
TPTB, with some small level of [visibility] to that effect, will begin a period
of [repression], and [suppression] against the [populace] that will begin in
[Winter (likely January 2010)] and that will continue through most of 2010.
In the ‘early days’ of this [repression/suppression], the data from the
Populace/USofA and the TPTB, and the Officialdom (formerly the
Bushista/administration) entities, indicates that the [officialdom] will
[prevail] or [be successful] in their [efforts].


Please NOTE: that this [control mechanism/machine] of TPTB and
Officialdom WILL be [clamping down] or [squeezing down] on the

[populace], and this [repression wave/movement] LIKELY will coincide
with the [push/skirmish] over the [swine flu vaccinations]. IF that is the
case, expect a very [severe] and [effective] wave of [repression] in [direct
response] to some form of [public action]. Again, this may be centered
around the [refuseniks]. There are also indications that in the midst of the
[pressures] from TPTB and Officialdom in [response] to [public
actions/protests/riots] in [winter], at least 1/one, if not more, attempts at
[assassinations] will occur against [statesman/officialdom] at [global levels].
The data accretion patterns would indicate that not only USofA
[politicians/officialdom], but also [heads of states], and [heads of
corporations], and [department heads] will also be at risk of [loss of life (due
to violence)]. This forecast of increased risk of [assassination attempts] for
[heads of state], as well as [heads of corporations] {ed note:
multinational/globalists are indicated to be targets of particular interest}
includes the [head of state] for the [populace/usofa] as well. The accretion
patterns for the [assassination attempts] indicates that this ‘trend’ will trail
off as the planet moves from late [winter] into [spring] of 2010.

Also, as the entities progress along with modelspace past January of 2010,
the Officialdom entity is clearly moving toward its goal of [world of
control] so [desperately sought] by [the powers that be]. The
Populace/USofA entity moves along with modelspace from a series of
[repressive/suppressive] incidents that will constitute the [particles of a
wave] in mid [Winter]. This [wave of repression/suppression] continues to
gain supporting aspect/attribute sub sets through the rest of Winter, and all
of Spring 2010, and the beginning of July 2010. However it must be
understood that the accretion of supporting aspect/attributes does not imply
that all the incoming values are in support of TPTB nor their agenda. Many
of the elements of supporting linguistic are negative toward the
[goal/agenda] of the TPTB. In general, the growth of the building tensions in
support of the [repression wave] do come in on the ‘positive’ side of the
emotional tension values, and thus do imply some level of [success] in the
[repression/suppression/oppression] of the [populace], at least through to
July 7th of 2010. After that point, everything changes in the dynamics of the
situation regarding [power], and the [infrastructure] which supports it.

From July 7th, 2010, the [revolution] thread not only moves into a state of
[activity], but also the whole of the [revolution] meta data layer shifts over
to dominate the Populace/USofA entity from that point forward. The
domination of the entity by the [active] phase of the [revolution] meta data

layer continues through the rest of 2010, and all of 2011. {ed note: at the end
of 2011, the [active] phase of the emotional tension sums for the [revolution]
meta data layer in the Populace/USofA entity shifts over under the [alien
wars] sub set in the entity.}

From July 7th of 2010, the emotional sums trend lines are supported by
growing, and continuing sub set accretion under the [revolution] meta data
layer in the Populace/USofA entity that indicate the [downfall/failure] of the
[officialdom] {ed note: as [minion class] of TPTB}. From July 7th onward,
the [revolution] gains in both [visibility] within the totality of [verbal
expression] here in the USofA, as well as throughout the [planetary media].
Again noting that from July 7th onward, the language is pointing toward the
[defeat] of [the powers that be through their minion classes]. This [defeat]
will not be an event, but rather will be a process that will be gaining in
[visibility] after that date. Stated another way, while the first skirmishes of
the [revolt] will occur in mid Winter, likely January, and likely over the
[vaccinations], the ‘tide’ of this next [revolution] will not turn against [the
powers that be] until early July of 2010. And even though this is the case,
the data sets are forecasting many horrific and bloody battles will continue
through the rest of 2010, and even 2011.

The very extensive cross links from the Populace/USofA entity over to the
GlobalPop entity are indicating that the [active (phase)] of [revolution] will
be ‘exported’ from the USofA sometime in late July {ed note: or rather its
rise in visibility within the global media picks up then}. From approximately
the 15th of July forward the [revolution] meta data layer dominates both of
the populace entities {ed note: Populace/USofA, and GlobalPop}. As the
[revolution] meme is indicated to [take root] in places that are currently
[slaves (of the) english crown] in mid July, it is not until late in Summer of
2010, that the first of the [populace victories] begin to appear in such
countries as [canada, greater britain, and france and australia].

Please Note: the [victories] of the [populace] versus [the powers that be] will
not be without costs, including extensive casualties {ed note: lots of data
suggesting ‘gassing’, and ‘aerial poisonings’}, and the [battles] are indicated
to continue for [several years] as the former [powers that be] and their
[minions] are [rooted out].

The active phase of the [revolution] meta data layer within the
Populace/USofA is indicated to be initiated in 2010, by the [spark/ignition]

of a [tax rebellion/protest] in either very late 2009, or early 2010. This single
instance of a [tax refusal/protest] is shown as gaining huge levels of
emotional support as the [officialdom] will respond with [crushing force]
against a very small group of [exposed citizens] in such a manner as to cause
a giant [wave] of [adverse publicity], and [massive complaints] across the
full range of the [global internet]. The data accretion patterns suggest that
the [officialdom] will [intentionally] act both [brutally], and with [open
visibility] with the [idea/concept] of [causing fear], and thus, they [plan] to
use the [increased fear] to [curtail/limit] any other [tax protests]. However,
as per usual, they screw it up. They choose just the wrong group as an
[example], and end up creating their own worst nightmare, a [storm] of
[global internet] activity that will have bloggers in places like [pakistan,
russia, china, south africa, argentina] and elsewhere writing extensive
articles about the [human rights violations] of the [government of the
USofA] as it [oppresses] its own [taxpaying (formerly) citizens] with actions
more commonly associated with zionists in israel oppressing the native
palestinian population. This association in [tactics] used by the [black
hooded oppressors] acting for [corporate zionism] in the USofA will not be
lost on the global populace. The data indicates that this [spark] of [tax
protest] so [brutally suppressed] will be memorialized in approximately
12/twelve years as stability gradually returns to the planet.

As the [active phase] of the [revolution] begins in 2010, it will gradually
dawn on some ‘brilliant’ mind in the [the powers that be] or other
[officialdom or minion class], that the [internet] has been used to draft a
[list] by parties unknown. This [list] is indicated to be [suspected to exist] as
the [repression] brings out both [officialdom death squads], and, most
[shockingly (to TPTB)], a [popular response]. The data sets indicate that as
the [citizens] begin to [disappear] and to [be killed/murdered] by
[officialdom], a [response wave] will begin that will involve the [targeted
assassination] of [lower level members/participants] within TPTB
themselves, as well as the higher level [minion class]. The idea coming
across from the data sets is that while TPTB have prepared for the [killings]
of more [visible] targets such as [bankers], and [brokerage staff], and
[insurance executives], they will not be prepared for a [shocking] and
[sudden] wave of [assassinations/killings] of members of the various
[illuminati front groups (both in the USofA and elsewhere)] and the even
more startling [assassinations (and attempts)] of [teevee (news/propaganda)
personalities]. Several of these [assassinations] will involve [very visible
female propagandists], and the data sets are accruing large supporting sets

under both the [shock (to TPTB)], and the [value (of the) female targets].
This last is taken at a core level of understanding by TPTB that [revolution]
has begun, and their response is [repression] not imagined here in the
USofA. These [killings (of high level minions)] are indicated to include
[whole families] of these [higher level functionaries], as well as some very
[brutal] and [sadistic] forms of [murder] focused on many of the [attendees]
of [recent global planning events]. Some time into the [revolution], it will
dawn on a minion somewhere that the [list of the dead] (and soon to be
dead) has been [gleaned] from the [internet]. At that time, even though it
will be too late, the [officialdom] response is indicated to be a [blanket
shutdown] attempt. The data clearly shows that the [attempt to curtail
internet activity] will [fail]. This highly [visible] form of [failure] can be
used as a temporal marker for the beginning period of the [general
uprising/revolution/social order breakdown]. Of course, not all will be as it
seems, and some of the [murders] will be [rivals] within TPTB taking
advantage of the [chaos] of [revolution] to [even old scores]. {ed note: see
the TPTB discussion for more details.}.

As the [revolution] turns its internal corner in July of 2010, the data sets are
pointing toward an [incident] in which a [vast liberation] occurs. This
[liberation] linguistic set is supported by [prison], and [political prisoners].
The data sets *could be describing the [breakup] or [shut down] of the
[secret prisons] run by the [anglosphere empire]. There are some supporting
layers indicating that [ships] and the [navy] as well as [hired mercenaries]
are involved. However the data is less than clear, and an alternate
interpretation would be for the [liberation (by force)] of [political prisoners]
within [government control centers] here in the [usofa]. If this is an accurate
interpretation, then the [political prisoners] will have among their ranks,
many persons who had been [disappeared] in these last 9/nine years. The
[liberation (of the political prison)] sub set, regardless of which
interpretation is accurate, is a key temporal marker for both the ultimate
[success] of the [revolution], as well as the [planetary spread] of the
[revolutionary meme].

The accretion patterns in support of the [diaspora] sub set within the
Populace/USofA continue to accrue values for the [very large population
movement] from which the [220/two hundred and twenty millions] in
[flight] forecast derives. This set is still gaining large amounts of support,
though in this latest processing it is the longer term values which, in the
main, provide the new directions for the [diaspora] sub set. As the various

new sub sets are placed into the entities by the processing, the timing clues
are fixed at that time, therefore the timing clues change with each set of
processing. With this current processing, it would seem that the [massive
diaspora] has shifted outward in time toward late in 2011. This shift in time
comes from the very dominant level of longer term values in this latest
processing. After running the referential integrity checks against the latest
data base accretions, there are no errors that indicate that this predominance
of longer term values is an artifact of processing. Therefore it appears that
the timing clues used in the previous forecasts relative to the [mass diaspora]
affecting the [populace of the usofa] were lightly weighted with longer term
values and thus the interpretation tended to see the manifestation of the
[diaspora] of the [mass populace] closer to the present than it likely will

Noting that the longer term value sets are dominating the [diaspora] sub set
within the Populace/USofA entity, we nonetheless have both immediacy and
shorter term values that point toward [diaspora] to appear in both the
remaining months of 2009, and across 2010. The data sets indicate that
much of the [diaspora] set growth over 2009, and through to July of 2010 is
driven by cross links to Terra entity, and the Markets entity. However, after
July of 2010, the primary driver of the Terra entity is joined by TPTB and
internal cross links within the Populace/USofA that terminate under the
[revolution] meta data layer. Yet another way to say this is that the drivers
for [diaspora] will have the [economic] impetus give way over about 6/six
months time (from January 2010 through July 2010) to the [social order
disruption] that comes from [active revolution].

Without regard to the emotional drivers for the [diaspora], the data sets
continue to show that [diaspora] events will occur over 2009, and across,
almost frequently, 2010. These [diaspora] forecasts include [hurricane] and
[other storm types], as well as [earthquakes], and [floods]. The data sets for
the [earthquakes] and the [floods] show a linkage that may be implying a
cause and effect relationship suggesting a [dam failure] that will result from
an [earthquake]. While not described in really catastrophic terms, the
[earthquake] sub set with associations to the USofA does include several
new sets that include details of [water born rescue] and [water (overcoming)
buildings/foundations] such that [governments/officialdom] and [local
councils] are [washed away]. This period has longer term values within both
the cross links and the detail layers pointing to many of these [council
buildings/officialdom meeting places] *not being [recovered]. In this

instance the data sets for both late 2009 and across 2010 show a trend for
[permanent], and/or [long lasting] as being the primary supporting descriptor
sets. The details of the data suggest that [small towns] will be [relocated]
after [earthquake (plus) flooding] due to other [crushing burdens] from the
[destroyed/declining economy]. The inference is that the [economic woes]
are so deep at the time of these [flooding] incidents as to [forbid] or [make
impossible] the [collection (of) taxes] for [rebuilding] or even [repairing]
these [small city central areas].

A smaller sub set of the [diaspora] major linguistic area contains an
interesting descriptor of [contention]. This aspect/attribute set includes a
complex, and very intricately contorted sets of internally referencing cross
links that draw the eye in modelspace. This set, while lending support to
both the duration and impact areas of [diaspora] seems to be describing an
isolated occurrence that is only tangentially connected to the [diaspora].
Stated another way, this supporting sub set only seems to add to the
emotional tone of the period of the diaspora simply because it occurs within
the same time period. The data sets are indicating by secondary levels of
supporting aspect/attributes that a [rift] or [split] will develop within the
[upper political (minion) class] that may be [triggered] or [initiated] by a
[divorce]. The [divorce] of these [upper level political minions] is indicated
to be accompanied by [visible] (in the main stream media, as well as the
global media stream) articles to the effect that the [male/husband] attempted
to have the [female/wife] [assassinated] in order to [end his suffering]. The
supporting details could be interpreted to indicate that the [husband] had
[helpers/stooges] who were instructed to [steer] or [deliver] the [wife] to a
[place of danger]. The [writings] to this effect are indicted to include some
very [revealing information] {ed note: temporal marker for second wave,
and larger, wave of [secrets revealed] from [coagulating government]} about
the [dysfunction] of the [government] of the USofA. The data suggests that
the [particulars] of the [divorce suit] will come out in such a manner as to
have a very large [emotional impact] on the [populace/USofA]. This
[emotional impact] is indicated to be so large that it not only intersects with,
and provides support for the [diaspora] sub set, but also induces a level of
participation in the [global popuace]. The [divorce suit] further contains
details indicating that the [secrets revealed] meta data layer will be triggered
by bespoke [fear of assassination (attempts)] on the part of the [wife]. This
sub set indicates that once the papers are filed, and a [battle] breaks out in
the [mainstream media] here in the USofA, the [wife] will discover that she
is best off [spilling everything] in an attempt to fend of [repeated (attempts)

on her life]. The data would seemingly be pointing to someone who knows
(or is thought to know) so much of the [internal secrets (of TPTB)] that even
the attendant [publicity] inevitably surrounding each [assassination attempt]
is [not a deterrent] to other attempts. A smaller sub set within the detail sets
indicate that in at least 1/one of these [assassination attempts], some
members of the [press] will be [wounded] and possibly [killed].

The immediacy and shorter term data sets accruing to the Populace/USofA
entity from very late October through to November 5th are pointing to a
period of [emotional building tension] that will be immediately followed by
a period of slightly over 2/two months of [daily (instances) of contention].
The data set taken in total suggests that [aggression] and [response] will be
[dominating] the [government] and the [political minion class] of the USofA
on a [daily] basis. It is as though the time from November 5th though to
January 9th will be filled with a [newly manifesting crisis], or a [new
addition (to existing crisis)] such that the [whole (of) political government]
will be [agitated], and [aggressively (lashing out)]. The data sets indicate
much [travel] as the [administration minions] are sent out [internationally] in
an [attempt] to [curtail] or [limit] the [spreading damage]. Note that the
[damage] sub set here is dominated by cross links to a number of entities
terminating in such descriptors as [toxic] and [cancerous], and that all of
these descriptors contain support from [economic meltdown]. Also note that
the [meltdown] sub set gaining support in Fall from [economic coagulation]
changes as modelspace is moved into 2010 until it gains most of its support
from [social order disruption] sub sets.

As modelspace is progressed into November of 2009, a large number of
cross links form between the Populace/USofA entity and the GlobalPop. A
small majority of these links are supported by 2/two aspect/attribute sets of
some considerable size. These sets are headed by [wars], and [new
alliances]. The latter set has very extensive cross links over to the Markets
entity where they are terminating in the [death of the dollar] sub sets. Further
cross links go to the Terra entity, and the TPTB entity. In both cases the
main terminating sets are in the area of [disruption (of old geopolitical
alliances)] and [new arrangements]. The majority of these sets also include
cross links back to the Markets entity and the [death of the dollar] sub set. At
the archetype level these cross links seem to suggest that a [new alliance]
will form of [necessity]. This [geopolitical alliance] will be [in defense
(against the dying dollar)], and will be a [fiscal] and [political] alliance of
[countries (creditor nations)] who will be [attempting to mitigate/reduce

(the) damage] from the [death of the dollar (as global reserve currency)].
The longer term data sets in the primary supporting areas for these
aspect/attributes point to this [financial alliance] gradually becoming a
[fence (of isolation)] around the [populace/USofA] as the [revolution meme]
becomes active. Much of the supporting sets for this [fence/barrier (against
USofA financial/social chaos)] include aspect/attributes going toward [fear]
of [contagion] and [planetary war].

As the [dollar death] supporting sets accrue with modelspace moving
through Fall and into Winter (2009/2010), a [wave] of [unemployment] is
[generated]. These supporting sets for [unemployment] are describing a
situation in which the [general economy] of the [populace/usofa] is
[crushed] such that [over half] of the [small businesses] will be [bankrupt]
and [closing doors] in a [short period]. The timing clues that are available in
the data sets seem to be describing a [collision] of [waves of bankruptcy]
from both the [international corporate business], as well as the [local small
businesses]. A natural consequence of the [bankruptcy wave collision] is the
almost immediate manifestation of a [crisis in unemployment] that the data
sets accruing to the Populace/USofA indicate will also [precipitate
bankruptcy crisis] at the [state government] level as both the [unemployment
funds] and the [retirement accounts] are [reduced/eliminated].

As modelspace is progressed through Fall and into the Winter, the accretion
patterns paint a picture of [crippling/crushing] and [sudden] [poverty] that
will provide the pressures that [propel] the [revolution] meta data layer into
[active state] later in 2010. As the [populace/usofa] is [reeling] from the
[economic infrastructure collapse], it then has to [contend] with the [assault]
on the [health (of the) body] by TPTB through both [disease/vaccines] AND
[aerosol spraying (aka chemtrails)]. These aspect/attribute sets accrue with
descriptors for [new (tactic)], and [increased volume], and [choking spray],
and others in the vein of [chemical fogs].

Again it is noted that the larger archetype of [duality] is dominating all of
the other archetypes within the Populace/USofA entity. As the [duality] is to
be expressed over 2010, the trends of Fall will be [amplified] and the
primary supporting aspect of [contention] will be the most [visible] over
2010. The [contention] archetype is filled with repeating support for [old
(control/patriarch) structure] being [opposed] by a [new], and [novel]
grouping of [self adhering alliances]. The [new alliance] is indicated to take
its [philosophy] from the [thinking] of a [curandero (or healer/shaman)],

most likely from Southern Mexico or other area within the [highlands] of
central america. The [new alliance (of opposition to TPTB)] is indicated to
be [global/planetary], and the cross links from the GlobalPop entity totally
obscure the detail layers of the [opposition/contention]. The accretion
patterns show that the [planetary/global (level of opposition)] get a very
large boost in the emotional sums from the [success] of the [american
revolution/opposition] in mid 2010.

A trend of Fall that will be [amplified] over Winter of 2009/2010, and
especially within the months of January and February of 2010 is the
emergence of the [refuseniks] within the Populace/USofA. This sub set of
[refuse (to take the) flu vaccine] grows from its initial point of maximum
[visibility] in Fall into the [central hardness (of the) core] of the [expressing
(or manifesting] of the [revolution] meta data layer from early in the year
through to the tipping point of November 2010. The newly processed data
sets include details showing that the [refuseniks] of Fall are met with a much
more [aggressive] and [brutal (officialdom) suppression] in February. The
[battles] in the early months of 2010 over the [disease] and [vaccine]
contexts are indicated to form the [first rallying cry] of the newly [emergent
revolutionary movement] here in the USofA. The cross links from
Populace/USofA over to the GlobalPop entity are pointing toward a similar
movement at a global level, though with a mixture of responses by various
regional [officialdom].

The [refusenik] sub set within the Populace/USofA entity grows from its
focus on the [vaccine refusal movement] to a broader [revolutionary] group
over the course of 2010 as the [oppression] from the [officialdom] becomes
[unveiled/unhidden]. This area is also under the influence of the [secrets
revealed] meta data layer. These data sets continue to point to [incidents] in
which [revolutionary actions] will [liberate] many [deeply held secrets] of
[officialdom] that will in turn lead to the [resignation] and [elimination] of
numbers of [high level minions] in both the [civil service class of minion] as
well as the [political class of minion].

The [refusenik] sub set growth over January/February of 2010 is joined in
early March by internal cross links over to the [famine] sub set, specifically
focused on [north america]. These internal cross links both originate and
terminate in both sets, implying a joining or [confluence] of forces acting on
the [mass social behavior]. The [famine] sub set of the Populace/USofA sub
set gains support over Spring of 2010 from [officialdom actions], and [plans

and policies] that are indicated to [exacerbate] the [planetary food crisis] due
to the [dollar death], and the [collapse (of the) just-in-time (national food
delivery system)] here in the USofA. This area also has extensive cross links
over to the GlobalPop entity where it mostly terminates in geographic
associated areas that can be described as being within the [anglosphere of
influence]. The combined sets of the [famine], and the [refuseniks], when
added to the [dollar death] sub set provide nearly half of the emotional
tension values for the Populace/USofA by the time that modelspace is
progressed through to the vernal equinox on March 21, 2010. This is a huge
proportion of the emotional values and is rarely seen. Usually there are
several thousands of contexts driving any entity, and to have this much of
the impact, and duration values resolve down to so few issues has only ever
been observed following a “context change” for the larger social order.
Stated another way just to muddy the idea, we have only had data sets driven
by so few values twice in the last 9 years of this work: the first was
following the 9-11 attacks; the second was following the sudden emergence
of the [comprehensive immigration reform] social/political movement here
in the USofA. The first was an example of both a ‘tipping point’ and a
‘social context change’. The ‘tipping point’ due to a single (more or less)
incident or event being the cause, and the ‘social context change’ following
9-11 due to the [usurping of powers by officialdom/TPTB] and the
promulgation of the ‘war on terror’ meme. As indicated by the chart near the
top of this report, modelspace is indicating that we face both ‘context
change’ and ‘tipping points’ in the near future. It also notes that the data sets
are forecasting 2/two of each in the next 2/two years.

While it seems fairly clear from this perspective on the upcoming year that
the context change marked for July 7th of 2010 is likely due to the [turning
point (of the war against TPTB by the populace)] and the sub set of the
[revolution] meta data layer, the flavor (particular pun intended) of the
context change expected in late December derives from the mass of data
linking the [famine] sub set at the planetary level, to the [dollar death] sub
set within the Populace/USofA entity. Further emotional reinforcement is
derived from the GlobalPop entity where the growth during that time is
within sets having cross links to the Terra entity with specific termination in
[oceans] sub set, as well as [crop crisis/food crops failure] sub set. Both of
these sub sets in the Terra entity gain support from [extra (or beyond) cyclic
weather changes] in the Terra entity, and external cross links to the
SpaceGoatFarts entity where the termination points are within the [unknown
energies from space] sub set.


An interesting, but small sub set within the Populace/USofA entity gains
rapid [visibility] over late 2009, and into 2010 as the [fertility (of humans)]
sub set is heavily cross linked over to both the Terra entity where it
terminates in the [sun/sol] sub set, and the SpaceGoatFarts entity, where it
terminates in…you guessed it…the [unknown energies from space] sub set.
Apparently there will be some [scientific] study or other information
presented in the [global mediastream] as well as the [controlled anglosphere
propaganda press] about the [rising infertility] within humans being
[inextricably linked/associated] with the [current solar cycle]. What makes
this sub set doubly interesting is that the language suggested to appear will
not be [general], in the sense of merely noting the [causal links between
fertility and the sun], but rather will provide the first in [specific detail
language] relating the current [sun cycles], as well as citing [extra/beyond
sol energies] as [causal agents] in the rising wave of [global infertility] in all
species of [mammals].

An important supporting element within the [infertility] sub set of the
Populace/USofA is also cross linked back over internally to the
[unemployment] sub set, as well as externally over to the Markets entity
where it terminates in [bankruptcy], and then is further cross linked over to
the Terra entity where it terminates in the [oceans] sub set. Taken as a whole
these linked, but diverse sub sets provide details pointing to a [fertility crash]
within [ocean populations (of fish and other life)] that will help propel a
[wave] of [unemployment] within the [food service industry] over much of
2010. The data suggests not merely [restaurants], but all segments of the
[ocean to human food chain] will be [crippled] as the [biosphere contracts]
at an [extremely rapid pace] within the [oceans]. There are even deeper
levels of sub sets indicating that [farmed fish] and other [farmed aquatic
ocean life] will also experience a [significant reduction] in productivity] as
the [weather/climate conditions] change, including a [notable/noticeable]
[rise (in ocean temperatures)], and due to [carbon dioxide] issues with
[feeder sources (of water)].

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Selected, relevant excerpt of the report.


DSA 19: pg 37


Note that these [floods] within the Populace/USofA entity are also
extensively cross linked internally to the [diaspora] sub set as well as being
also externally cross linked to the GlobalPop entity where the terminating
sets also include the [diaspora] archetype.

The [floods] sub set includes aspect/attributes for several [communities] in
which [critical infrastructure (such as hospitals/fire stations/law enforcement
buildings)] being [swept away], and [encapsulated (in) mud]. Some of these
linguistic sets are reminiscent of the language we saw that allowed us to
forecast the Katrina hurricane disaster. There are 4/four sets located so far
that have sums for impact (damage levels) that are higher than we had prior
to Katrina. Not only do the descriptor sets contain the 'usual' kind of
[disaster] language such as [buildings collapsing] and [levees failing], but
also there are sets that contain [(insanity producing) gas releases] and [toxic
waste contamination] and [contamination by fuel spills (of magnitude)].
There are further descriptors which portray [airports] that are [under water],
and [port facilities] with [only rooftops showing].

These [floods] are also part of a [soon-to-be-revealed secret plan] {ed note:
details come out in documents liberated during Spring rioting in the north of
the country} to [depopulate] certain parts of [north america] for [(unknown
to us pie eaters) reasons (of TPTW)]. These areas are extensively cross
linked over to the GlobalPop entity where they terminate in sets with

predominantly Mexico, and Gulf Central America geographic references.
Thus the interpretation is that TPTW had a plan to [shift (or kill off?) the
populace] of a large portion of the Gulf of Mexico region for their own
purposes. Parts of the [disapora] descriptor set within the Populace/USofA
entity are pointing to a [permanent (form of) relocation] affecting the
[southern USA from FL through TX] and [eastern Mexico] as a direct result
of Springtime events in the GOM region in 2011. The [floods] sub sets in
both the Populace/USofA entity and the Terra entity suggest that [climate
change] and [tainting (after the flood)] will be mixed in with [regional
economic (and energy?) collapse] such that an [officialdom
called/announce] form of [diaspora] will be attempted. Please note that the
[refuseniks] of this 2011 [official diaspora] will end up forming the core of
the regional population discussed as the [coastal nomads (a water based
culture)] in FuturePop entity discussions in past ALTA reports. These
[refuseniks] who are the [first generation] of this [errant populace (from the
viewpoint of TPTB/W)] will make their first appearance this year according
to both TPTB/W entity and the Populace/USofA entity. The [visibility]
values are high, but the span is brief, so it would seem that the [msm
(mainstream media = propaganda press)] will only touch the story before
being 'waved off' by their masters. Nonetheless, there are corresponding sub
sets suggesting that the [visibility] itself will gain some [visibility] within
the [alternative media] as the [refuseniks] will be [self seen], and apparently
rather pleased with their [piece of pie performance (art?)] {ed note: hint for
then, not now.}

Also note that the [refuseniks] will have a very [rough time] in the beginning
with [high casualty rates], but that as with all new skills, the [learning
curve], while steep, can also be [rapid]. The data sets indicate that [diaspora
refuseniks] will become something of their own [hidden civilization legend]
over these next few years. However, as with so much of 2011, at least
according to our data accretion patterns, the [weather/climate change] is still
the [defining test] of [success] this year. The [refuseniks] make their [start]
under conditions that suggest Katrina/Rita (at least as far as flooding) was
mere preparatory rehearsal.


Other imagery includes [bridges (under water)] and [bridges (washed
away)]. There are several sets in support that show [desert (including hills)]
that will be [underwater]. There are supporting sets for, ironically, a [boat
show] that will be [adrift] and [underwater/sunk]. There are {ed note: oh the
horror of it all!} many references to [sports seasons disrupted] including

language for [cancellations (of rest of season?)]. It becomes difficult to
guess which of the many influences will be the nominal causal factor, but
the data shows that [professional sports (and other big name entertainment
events)] will be [impacted by floods], as well as [dollar death], and [sudden
bankruptcy], and [failed (transportation) routes]. That this shows up at all is
itself significant in that the whole archetype of [entertainment (as a mind
control industry here in USA and exported to the rest of the planet)] is
showing as under [great stress] due to [disruptions] in areas such as [dollar
death], [transportation], {ed note: including some upcoming high profile
'stranding'}, and [delivery of product]. This last includes some sub sets that
cross link over to the [dysfunction of space story] sub set in the
SpaceGoatFarts entity. The stressors on the [entertainment/mind control
media] and their [content delivery] are showing as being more acute in the
last half of 2011, but with a few such incidents of a [high visibility] in the
first half. The real problems for the whole of the [content production] side of
[entertainment/mind control] will be [escalating] right along with the [dollar
death problems] from mid February onward. This set of descriptors is also
cross linked to the GlobalPop where the [good (brief) days] for the [woowoo
guys] sub sets are the termination points. Apparently the lack of the
usual [mind numbing entertainment offerings] opens up some new parts of
the population to [alternative media].

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3 hours ago, Foxx said:

Thereafter, due to the 'army starving/depleted', the populace takes a 'hard turn' against the 'officials' and
Bushista as a result of 'yet more failure', this time to secure 'against disaster'. Coincident to this lexical set is
one which suggests that a Dunkirk-like effort will spontaneously emerge from the Populace/USofA as the
individuals attempt to succeed where Bushista fails.



HOLY CRAP!!!  Dunkirk-like effort!!  Thousands dying while populace works and dies trying to save

as many as they can!!!  

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On 8/3/2021 at 10:45 AM, gibby62 said:

Interesting regarding heads of state with what recently happened in Haiti.

Especially interesting considering what has continued to go down in Haiti.  I hate to sound like a nerd, but it's a pretty distinct cascade of synchronicities.

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Guest Pylortes

I remember reading many of these when they came out over the last couple years they were sold. And this one looks to be 2006 which would be before i started. the section that talked about the army starving and the Dunkirk, in a few ways would be interpreted to be the pull our of Afghanistan and the private citizen groups that have gone in to rescue Americans. 

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On 9/29/2021 at 9:45 AM, Guest Pylortes said:

I remember reading many of these when they came out over the last couple years they were sold. And this one looks to be 2006 which would be before i started. the section that talked about the army starving and the Dunkirk, in a few ways would be interpreted to be the pull our of Afghanistan and the private citizen groups that have gone in to rescue Americans. 

ALLALTA1206 was indeed from 2006, July 23rd to be exact.

DSA 11 was July 21st 2009

DSA 12 was September 15th, 2009

DSA 19 was January 25th, 2011


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