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When we are 5D...

simple simon

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simple simon

Channelled info about our future ... imagine being able to tell someone to turn left with spoken words but turn right with telepathy!
One of the abilities we will have soon - perhaps even later this decade!


Those who like practical jokes will see the merit in being able to do this. Emotionally cold, po-faced people who have no sense of fun or humour will likely fail to understand. 





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2 hours ago, Kifree said:

EQ? who/what is that please @easy.

Anyway, channelled stuff is not my cup of tea. One of the things i learned as a teen was that there will be tricksters in these times. Unfortunately, that means none of the other dimension info can be trusted. Ever. 


If I may, @easy.


easy is referring to one of our members here Kifree, her name is @equanimity.  Many of us use shortened versions of someone's avatar name from time to time.


For instance, instead of typing out "Pneumo", many here just simply say "that mentally unbalanced bloke, down at the bottom of Africa." 


You'll soon get the hang of it...:chuckle:

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speak of the Devil....  it is Clif who has been telling us that the Strange Energies from Space will make us all  psychic.   It happens when the KP index flatlines. That's basically a scientific way of saying that our planetary (and therefore bodily) shields are down for that period of time.


There are also a sudden burst of strokes, heart attacks, out of body experiences, and sudden deaths when the index flattens.  When you think about this, and put it next to the fact that  COVID is at root a blood disease,  it shows how dangerous this period of time is for humanity. 


Seems like the only folks who will make it through  the next few years will be those who are very carefully taking excellent care of themselves.  Remember, your food is your medicine!  Get weaned from the junk "foods" that are pushing the healthy ones out of your diet...

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