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Fox 26 Reporter Releases tape of ‘Corruption,’ ‘Censorship.’


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I am laughing at this woman's version of "censorship."


A news reporter is not a freelancer who can go cover whatever they want.  They "work" for a news director and a station.  The News Director decides what is worth covering for their station.  If every reporter was allowed to just go out and cover what they wanted, the news would be a hot, jumbled, mess.


The second point is that local news stations (whether its Houston, New York, or Topeka) "react" to national stories.  They do not create them (unless a national event happens in your town.)  No local news director is going to take on the national establishment because a local reporter "thinks" they have a story.  That only happens in the movies.  EVERYONE is concerned about keeping their jobs and that means keeping the ratings up.  Local "investigative" reporting does not usually happen outside of the consumer reports segments.


Unfortunately, most people think of the news based on fallacies presented in the movies.  And 99% of those are based on newspaper newsrooms, and national TV journalists.


Lois Lane is not real.

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