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Ivermectin - they had to blackball it


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On 5/28/2021 at 1:03 PM, turiya said:

As Onca has shown, Ivermectin is used as a de-wormer for livestock.


Same with Hydrochloriquine... malaria is caused by parasites...


Makes one wonder what are the real causes behind most diseases?

Such as cancer?

This is what Hulda Clark's premise was...  PDF





________________Late Add____________________________________


How to measure ivermectin horse paste doses: simple!



Aha!!! Now it totally makes sense!


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There are many vermifugal and vermicidal plants that can be gathered in the wild, raised in a garden, or purchased in any number of places.  Of course Wormwood, and other Artemisia (Sagebrush) species, as well as Wormseed aka Epazote or Jerusalem Oak, a popular spice in Latin American dishes, and a popular folk medicine in the Southern Appalachians are just a couple of ones that come to mind.  There are many more.  Most of these are poisonous in large doses, so caution is advised. 

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Guest James

Hello, has anyone ever consumed the injectable ivermectin? If so what dose for a virus and maintenance? Thanks.

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200 micrograms per kg body weight.  A typical injectable one like below has 10 milligrams per milliliter, so 2 milliliters for a 100 kilogram body weight.


Notes:  READ the ingredients, make sure it's ok to take the other things there.  The one below is mixed with vitamin E, water, and a safe preservative.  Some have other things in them that you would not want to give orally or injected, specific for certain animals.


The bottle below was purchased yesterday for our animals.



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tweet by Clif about quinine and ivermectin, plus a copy of what he said in case his tweet is censored



The British 'Pasha' (colonizers) of India, on encountering the disease load there, took local advice & added quinine to their diet. That why you have "whiskey & soda" now. It was to get tonic water into the diet. 


Quinine is a zinc ionophore JUST as is ivermectin. 


Drink up.


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