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Ivermectin - they had to blackball it


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On 5/28/2021 at 1:03 PM, turiya said:

As Onca has shown, Ivermectin is used as a de-wormer for livestock.


Same with Hydrochloriquine... malaria is caused by parasites...


Makes one wonder what are the real causes behind most diseases?

Such as cancer?

This is what Hulda Clark's premise was...  PDF





________________Late Add____________________________________


How to measure ivermectin horse paste doses: simple!



Aha!!! Now it totally makes sense!


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There are many vermifugal and vermicidal plants that can be gathered in the wild, raised in a garden, or purchased in any number of places.  Of course Wormwood, and other Artemisia (Sagebrush) species, as well as Wormseed aka Epazote or Jerusalem Oak, a popular spice in Latin American dishes, and a popular folk medicine in the Southern Appalachians are just a couple of ones that come to mind.  There are many more.  Most of these are poisonous in large doses, so caution is advised. 

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200 micrograms per kg body weight.  A typical injectable one like below has 10 milligrams per milliliter, so 2 milliliters for a 100 kilogram body weight.


Notes:  READ the ingredients, make sure it's ok to take the other things there.  The one below is mixed with vitamin E, water, and a safe preservative.  Some have other things in them that you would not want to give orally or injected, specific for certain animals.


The bottle below was purchased yesterday for our animals.



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tweet by Clif about quinine and ivermectin, plus a copy of what he said in case his tweet is censored



The British 'Pasha' (colonizers) of India, on encountering the disease load there, took local advice & added quinine to their diet. That why you have "whiskey & soda" now. It was to get tonic water into the diet. 


Quinine is a zinc ionophore JUST as is ivermectin. 


Drink up.


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Yeah, it could be an ionaphoric agent. Place a zinc ion between the Oxygen (of the -OH group) and nitrogen atoms...


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cross posted


September 18, 2021 1:02 pm

I think there be another issue regarding Ivermectin. Go down the “alt. cancer cure” rabbit hole, and you start seeing a whole host of off-label uses for drugs designed to eliminate parasites in animals.

Look at the countries (mostly 3rd world) where Ivermectin, and other Anthelmintic drugs are used as prophylactic and the incidence per 100K of colon and other stomach cancers. I think there is a reason to not pursue alternative cancer treatments. Cancer treatment is $500 billion industry. Cancer cure works against population control too.

Repositioning of Anthelmintic Drugs for the Treatment of Cancers of the Digestive System

Ivermectin: An Anthelmintic, an Insecticide, and Much More

September 18, 2021 1:26 pm
Reply to  tds247365

Yep, you are spot on. The cancers you see in those countries are mostly Breast and Ovary for women, prostate for men. I truly believe Ivermectin was a gift from God,the bacteria that it originated from has only been found once in a soil sample from Japan–never since. As a Stage 4 colon cancer patient I saw first hand its all about the chemo–billed out at 50,000 per infusion.

September 18, 2021 2:00 pm

Well I had breast cancer last year and I’m taking Ivermectin this year so..

September 18, 2021 2:08 pm
Reply to  tds247365

A Dr Rife, spent years showing cancer was caused by a variety of bacteria and viruses, that could be effectively killed with high frequency electricity.

He was villified and destroyed, and my whole life I heard medical former spurts reiterating “NO, Cancer is NOT caused by virus/bacteria!”

And then I saw they started pushing Guardacil, a vaccine to prevent the virus, they say causes cervical and throat cancer.

Think about it, HOW many Trillions of $, has the American Cancer Society received from donations, grants and tax exempt status?
WHY would they kill the golden goose, by actually CURING Cancer, thereby making themselves obsolete?

Covid is doing a great service, by exposing the true nature of our Corporatised Medical System; it MAKES people sick, it KEEPS people sick, and, when they have sucked every last “healthcare $” from the patient, it KILLS them.

Has been the truth for a long time, and people have been dillusional, who haven’t seen this clearly visible truth.

September 18, 2021 1:04 pm

“if you repeat a lie often enough, eventually it will become accepted as truth.”

“The recent surge in Covid cases, fueled by the Delta variant” is a lie; hospitals have NO test to detirmine if a Covid patient has the Delta variant, and in fact are “confirming” cases based on the faulty PCR test.

“The vaccine, while it doesn’t prevent getting or spreading covid, DOES reduce the severity of symptoms (over not being vaxxed).”

There is simply NO WAY to scientificly prove this, since we know SOME unvaxxed (who get covid) are asymptomatic, and others have mild/minimal symptoms.

In addition, they are actively attempting to eliminate the “control group”, making ANY retroactive comparison between vaxxed and unvaxxed, impossible.

And yet, I see these lies repeated, every where I look.

And many others, as well. In order to combat such propoganda, we must each carefully examine such statements, andvow to NOT repeat them, thus doing the enemies work for him.

Republicon politicians and operatives do NOT do what they do, and more importantly not do what they don’t do, because they are “cowardly, greedy or ‘the party of stupid’, and (as anyone who has participated in trying to primary one) its DEFINETLY not because they “fight by Marquis of Queensbury rules”!

They don’t provide any meaningful, consequential “check” on the Dem led march to Totalitarian Global Dictatorship, because they AGREE with, and totally SUPPORT it.

So, PLEASE quit repeating the lies of the enemy, “y’all”; its self-defeating, to say the least.

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How to get Ivermectin if your pharmacist refuses to fill a prescription or claims it is out of stock
Dr Kory speaks about how to defeat the Pharmageddon Unleashed on Ivermectin. What to do?

[link to odysee.com (secure)]

Mini summary (somewhat paraphrased) :

Pharmaceutical profiteering is banking on the fact that people will not trust their regular doctors and nurses as being credible, parroting nonsense on mainstream media about a "horse wormer" and ignoring solid science.

A solid and purposeful disinformation campaign starting with FALSE reports about overdoses on veterinary products, the story out of Oklahoma was completely contrived.

The US citizens are literally at war with the FDA right now and "pharma agencies" which is the same thing. We are getting attacked by pharmaceutical industries with financial agendas. There is no way anyone can ignore this egregious behaviour. People have unnecessarily died because of these actions.

Physicians are being threatened by medical boards.

Bug Pharma will lose this battle and they are losing, ivermectin prescriptions are rising, doctors are not putting up with this anymore, people are winning, this is the final straw, they are not going to get away with this.

We will win.

The following is a guide to circumvent this blockade, with the tools to circumnavigate these blockades.

1. Stop buying into that there is a corporate policy against ivermectin, don't believe this, there is no "Corporate policy."

2. There is no national supply shortage

3. If a pharmacist refuses to fill, you need to find out why and make sure it is not an illegal reason (Pharmacists can refuse to fill a prescription that they legitimately know to be dangerous such as a severe allergy or a severe interaction with an existing medication, but they cannot just generically deem a medication "dangerous" that is commonly prescribed.

4. They can always get a supply of ivermectin in 24 hrs there is NO national shortage

This will link to a downloadable document to help you navigate this pharmaceutical blockade, but here are the basics:

[link to covid19criticalcare.com (secure)]

1. All corporate pharmacy chains want to know if a pharmacist is refusing to fill prescriptions, this is illegal, practising medicine without medical licences and cooperate lawyers know this.

Corporate will want to know the name of the pharmacist, location, and store number where a valid prescription was refused. You need to contact cooperate assistant lines.

email: The following is the largest manufacturer of ivermectin: give them your zip code, they will tell you the nearest pharmacy that has supplies


Sample conversation if told a valid ivermectin prescription cannot or will not be filled:

"Id like to document what I am hearing, what is your full name, and store number?


"The customer service department at your corporate office has indicated that they would like information about any of their pharmacists who refuse ivermectin scripts, so what's your email address so we can connect both of us with your customer service department?"

"I have the email right here for Edenbridge pharmaceutical company, the largest ivermectin supplier in the United States, and they are willing to ship to any pharmacy that has run out of ivermectin at the following email:


I would be happy to help you email them so we can get a supply in 24 hours and get my prescription filled and if that is not acceptable, we can also talk to cooperate about obtaining my medication.

Thank you for your assistance"

If that doesn't work then:

"I don't intend to be difficult, but I need the medication that my doctor has prescribed, and please understand that if this is not resolved today, I will be filing an official complaint with the State Pharmacy board, because, unless you are one of the very few states that allow pharmacists to do this, what you are doing is "attempting to practise medicine" and that is illegal."
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15 minutes ago, Tominva said:

I wonder how many people died because they were too sick to fight for the meds that could have helped.

@Tominva. Welcome to the web bot forum!!

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A possible workaround for you is herbal formulas. In the past, I found great herbalists in Oz and NZ. Don't have any of the bottles around me at the moment, so I can't suggest a brand, but there were some good ones, especially in NZ. A typical article is this:



Have you ever wondered what makes a “superfood” super? Or what top superfoods like red wine, green tea, kale and blueberries all have in common? The answer is quercetin, a natural compound tied to what all of us seek: better longevity, heart health, endurance, immunity, and more.


Quercetin is considered to be the most widely distributed and extensively studied flavonoid, according to a 2018 review.


It’s been shown in dozens of studies to have anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral activities. In fact, there isn’t much this powerful antioxidant compound can’t do, especially when combined with the health benefits of bromelain, an anti-inflammatory enzyme.

All this explains why many experts recommend consuming food sources that contain quercetin regularly.

So what are those foods, and how much should you consume? Let’s explore.

What Is Quercetin?

Quercetin is a type of flavonoid antioxidant that’s found in plant foods, including leafy greens, tomatoes, berries and broccoli. It’s technically considered a “plant pigment,” which is exactly why it’s found in deeply colored, nutrient-packed fruits and vegetables.


Considered one of the most abundant antioxidants in the human diet, quercetin plays an important part in fighting free radical damage, the effects of aging and inflammation, according to many studies.

While you can get plenty of it from eating a healthy diet, some people also take this compound in concentrated supplement form for even stronger anti-inflammatory effects.



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