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      This simulation is getting boring. Last glitch I went thru the secret society people ran off and gimped my machine
      August is the latest spook data, (i would love to get a download of the matrix predicting machine btw). Some french new age commie scammer made a book saying the return of the annunaki is in 2022, so far I am disappointed bigly
    • Orange
      He's on a yeast hunt.
      Ran into bread man on a deep dive binge. Does he ever make videos about temporal woo for more than an hour? I want my flying space monkys damnit!
    • bartp401
      https://www.build-a-gasifier.com/gasifier-kits/   Clif mentioned creating a steam engine from burning wood.     What about gas fumes from burning wood to feed a generator?
    • anon coward
      On the topic of YouTubes and also relevant to the situation in Canada - and the rest of this planet - here is some info about our beloved dear leader - Klaus the Schwab - his 'grate reset', how tentacles of his wef are infiltrating / taking over the planet, and more   This reminds me of poison ivy and how it spreads ... slowly but surely ... eventually smothering & killing all the other plants it encounters   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBGDN9zeg7s  
    • Foxx
      What browser are you using?
    • Foxx
      Powerful words!   This woman delivers a speech of 10:30 that everyone should hear. Trust me, if you start to listen, you won't stop until she is done. She brought a tear to my eye.  
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